What to Expect from my Child’s First Dance Class?

What to wear:

For the first class, any comfortable athletic attire and athletic shoes work fine. Tops should be fitted enough so that the dancer can bend over comfortably (no loose t-shirts).  Hair should be pulled back into a bun or ponytail to avoid falling into the dancer’s face. Our class dress code can be found in our Studio Info Kit here if you want to get an idea of the dress code for each weekly class.

What to expect:

The studio manager will show you around the studio if you have not already had a tour and answer any additional questions you have before your trial. Students wait in the lobby until class time, and their teacher will come to get the class so that they can walk together into the classroom.  For younger kids, it’s best for separation to occur in the lobby. There are observation windows outside each classroom that may be utilized once the students have acclimated.

It is not unusual for new dancers to be reserved and observant rather than participating fully in their first class.  It is a new experience with new people, and this can make even the most outgoing student more hesitant and reserved.  Other new students will jump right in with full participation right away.  Parents can typically tell by observing the teacher and other students whether the class will be a good fit, even if their dancer is not yet warmed up. The “perfectionist” personality often holds back until they feel they can confidently execute the movements. Also, since many children utilize “observation” as the first step in their learning, teachers respect this learning style and will gently invite them to engage each time the class moves to a new activity, but they do understand that in the observer’s mind, they actually are involved even though they may not be physically participating.  Typically by the 3rd class even the most hesitant dancers will be fully acclimated, and the “observation first” learners have moved to the phase of full participation as well.  

Next Steps:

If your first class was a trial class and was a good fit for your dancer, the studio manager can assist you in finding the class time for that particular class that works best for your family’s schedule, or help you identify a class that would be a better option for your dancer.  You can also find out if there are any other class offerings available in your dancer’s age group that you want to consider for a second weekly class.  Depending on where we are in the dance year, your child may have the opportunity to participate in our Holiday Concert and/or Annual Recital, so you can get the information regarding next steps for having a costume ordered for them as well.

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