Frequently Asked Questions

At what age do you start dance and tumbling classes?

Our Tiny Tots program is a parent and tot dance class that starts at age 18mo.  It’s an introduction to music and movement using creativity, imagination, role-playing and props. At age 3, students can transition into a Preschool Dance and/or a Preschool Tumbling class.  Our Little Learners Preschool Program for ages 3-5 offers a unique opportunity for preschoolers to reach important learning targets through an arts infused curriculum two or three days a week. Students ages 5 and up can take ballet class, jazz class, hip hop class, acro class, or even audition for our performing company. Our teen dancers can participate in our advanced performing companies, Pointe/Pre-pointe curriculum, and more.

How much do your dance and tumbling classes cost?

We believe in offering a quality program that capitalizes on the intrinsic benefits of a fine arts education. Our pricing structure is designed so that students can pursue multiple interests with discounts for additional classes, and instructors are intentional about infusing important core values and life skills into each student’s dance education. 

Since we work within a network of approximately 300 other studio owners affiliated with the More Than Just Great Dancing, we are aware of the varied prices of dance education programs.  Many cost variables do exist in the core goals and priorities of each studio. Our goal is to be leaders in the industry for the standards we see as critical to training and nurturing dance students.  Our owner has chosen to make several areas of our program a priority including, providing professional development including Dance Teacher Summit trainings in California, Progressive Ballet Technique Certification, Acrobatic Arts Certification, Safer Studios Certification,  STAR Leadership Certification, CPR Certification as well as holding our staff to the highest standards of emotional and physical safety of our students, as well as More than Just Great Dancing Affiliated License for ongoing industry training and quite a bit more.

One of the investments that is most important to us is our investment into our studio culture and providing the attention, nurturing and intentionality that a positive studio culture requires.  We have found that our priorities align with our families’ goals as well and that they agree with and recognize the value of our investments.

Since the years of childhood are short, our goal is to use dance as a method of developing core values and important life skills so that the benefits of dance go well beyond the classroom and prepare our students to be happy, healthy, successful adults.  These goals, among others, do require resources that we have continued to invest in our students, staff and programs.

You can view our class pricing in our Studio Info Kit:

Do you offer sibling discounts?

Yes. Siblings have the opportunity to participate in our dance and tumbling classes at a discounted rate. We offer $5 off monthly tuition in addition to discounts for registration and performance costs.

What are the other costs associated with dance classes?

Class Attire/Shoes can be purchased at the studio or on your own. There are also costume costs, performance costs, and ticketing associated with our December Benefit Concert and May Recital. 

What credentials do your instructors have?

The dance industry is completely unregulated, which means that anyone can call themselves a dance teacher regardless of their level of training, education or certifications. Most people wouldn’t hire an unlicensed contractor to work in their home or be satisfied with an unlicensed teacher at their child’s school, and we would advise against trusting an unlicensed dance teacher with your child’s training. The Studio 56 Dance Center staff consists of highly trained and Certified dance education professionals with a variety of credentials including college degrees in dance, child development, and education, along with teaching certifications through the State of Utah, Progressing Ballet Technique, Adaptive Dance Techniques, Acrobatic Arts, just to name a few. All of our staff members are CPR certified and have passed a national background check.

What can I expect from my child’s first dance class?

We invite you to read our blog post about what to expect!

Do you have performing teams?

Yes. The Goal of the Studio 56 Dance Center performing company is to expand the dancer’s world beyond weekly classes by offering a variety of experiences including performances, conventions, workshops, community events and competitions. Our performing company curriculum and standards train dancers to emerge as leaders among their peers. We are incredibly proud of our award-winning performance teams. Here is a quick overview:

  • Lower Elementary Performing Company – ages 5 to 7 intermediate dancers, 2-4 hour/week required commitment 
  • Upper Elementary Performing Company – ages 8 to 12 intermediate dancers, 4-6 hour/week required commitment 
  • Junior High and High School Performing Company – ages 13 to 18 intermediate/advanced dancers,, 6-12 hour/week required commitment 

Can my child try a dance or tumbling class before we commit?

Yes! We understand the need to determine if our classes and studio culture are the right fit for your family before making an investment, so there are always opportunities to see if our programs are a good fit for your family and your child: 

  1. Trial classes:  Complementary trial classes are offered in classes where space is available.
  2. One Day Camps:  One day camps are offered throughout the year and provide a great way for families to try the studio prior to enrolling for a weekly class. 

Do you have boys at your studio?

Yes. We have boys of all ages at our studio. Our most popular beginner classes for boys is our Boys Club and the Little Learners Preschool program, however we have boys who participate in ballet, jazz, hip hop and Performing Company. We welcome boys and enjoy sharing our love of the arts with them!

What measures do you take to keep my child safe? 

The safety of our dance families is our number one priority and we have numerous safety policies that we enforce to keep our studio an emotionally and physically safe place for families.  In May 2020, Studio 56 Dance Center earned a Safer Studios Certification through More Than Just Great Dancing. Safety protocols include wellness checks for staff, enhanced studio cleaning and hand cleaning procedures, specific curricular and facility adjustments and continual parent communication.
When attending performances, rehearsals, public appearances or recitals / concerts, Studio 56 Dance Center staff members, dancers and family members are expected to represent the studio in a responsible, ethical, enthusiastic and courteous manner. 

For the physical and emotional safety of our dancers, their families, our staff and their families, all Studio 56 Dance Center staff and enrolled families are held to a high ethical and moral standard regarding Internet profiles. Studio 56 Dance Center does not permit families or staff to post negative comments about staff members, dancers, dance parents, dance families, or any other individual associated with Studio 56 Dance Center. Posts that are abusive in nature, harassment, inappropriate posts, comments or photographs, any post threatening or damaging to another person, or illegal, are immediate grounds for dismissal from our programs. 

Click HERE to read our Covid-19 precautions, procedures and protocols.

Can I watch my child in their dance class?

In an effort to maximize both instructional time and observational time, parent observation will be permitted for the entire class twice per year. Dates are noted on the event calendar. Other observations are at the teacher’s discretion. We ask that you observe quietly, that cell phones be turned off, and that siblings are monitored and quiet during observations.

What is your cancellation policy?

To withdraw from classes, you must notify Studio 56 Dance Center by the 15th of the month to discontinue payment for the next month. To withdraw from class a parent must: 1) Email the studio, and 2) complete the official withdrawal form we email you. Automatic bank debiting or credit card charges will stop after the 15-day notice period. Tuition will not be refunded for classes dropped outside the 15-day window.

Do you follow a dress code?

Yes. Our class attire is simple and cost-effective for parents and allows for uniformity and a clean, professional classroom look. You can view our class attire HERE

Check out our blog post about Why a Dress Code?

What performance opportunities do you offer your students?

We believe that performance experience is one of the foundational pillars of a well-rounded dance education. As a result of our many positive relationships within our community, our students have the opportunity to participate in community performance opportunities throughout the year. For example, our students perform at Spooktacular at the Davis County Rec Center, at Dance For Life Benefit Concert in December for the Utah Foster Care Foundation, community showcases for local high schools and more. We host two annual recital stage productions that include our entire studio: Holiday Concert (December) and Recital (May).  We also have performing companies who represent Studio 56 Dance Center at dance competitions and conventions throughout the state. 

In what ways do you communicate important information to parents? 

We keep our website updated and accurate so that parents can always find answers there. We also communicate often via email, text messages, and reminder signs throughout the studio. 

How do I register? Enrolling online is easy!

1. Go to 

2. Click “Enroll Now” 

3. Create and account or recover your password if you have already inquired in our program.  

Can I tour the studio before signing up? 

Yes! We love to show prospective parents our “home.”  It’s best to make an appointment via email or over the phone so that we can give you a proper tour without distraction and get all your questions answered with minimal interruption. Please call or text 801-261-3182 or email [email protected] to schedule a tour and trial dance class.

What to Expect from my Child’s First Dance Class?

What to wear:

For the first class, any comfortable athletic attire and athletic shoes work fine. Tops should be fitted enough so that the dancer can bend over comfortably (no loose t-shirts).  Hair should be pulled back into a bun or ponytail to avoid falling into the dancer’s face. Our class dress code can be found in our Studio Info Kit here if you want to get an idea of the dress code for each weekly class.

What to expect:

The studio manager will show you around the studio if you have not already had a tour and answer any additional questions you have before your trial. Students wait in the lobby until class time, and their teacher will come to get the class so that they can walk together into the classroom.  For younger kids, it’s best for separation to occur in the lobby. There are observation windows outside each classroom that may be utilized once the students have acclimated.

It is not unusual for new dancers to be reserved and observant rather than participating fully in their first class.  It is a new experience with new people, and this can make even the most outgoing student more hesitant and reserved.  Other new students will jump right in with full participation right away.  Parents can typically tell by observing the teacher and other students whether the class will be a good fit, even if their dancer is not yet warmed up. The “perfectionist” personality often holds back until they feel they can confidently execute the movements. Also, since many children utilize “observation” as the first step in their learning, teachers respect this learning style and will gently invite them to engage each time the class moves to a new activity, but they do understand that in the observer’s mind, they actually are involved even though they may not be physically participating.  Typically by the 3rd class even the most hesitant dancers will be fully acclimated, and the “observation first” learners have moved to the phase of full participation as well.  

Next Steps:

If your first class was a trial class and was a good fit for your dancer, the studio manager can assist you in finding the class time for that particular class that works best for your family’s schedule, or help you identify a class that would be a better option for your dancer.  You can also find out if there are any other class offerings available in your dancer’s age group that you want to consider for a second weekly class.  Depending on where we are in the dance year, your child may have the opportunity to participate in our Holiday Concert and/or Annual Recital, so you can get the information regarding next steps for having a costume ordered for them as well.

2020-21 September Newsletter


A very special welcome to all the “returning” and “new” faces here at the Studio.  We are so excited to have you be a part of our studio family.  We have a number of fun things coming up and can’t wait to have you join us.  



Plan ahead and stay up to date with our online Google calendar by clicking here


Accept the online waiver in the parent portal before the first day of dance. If you’ve never logged in to the parent portal before, use this email address and select “forgot my password” to set up your account. When you log in for the first time this season, it will ask you to accept the waiver. If it takes you straight into your upcoming classes you’ve already accepted and are good to go! 

All students with missing waivers will be asked to observe class.  This is a huge liability for the studio and we need all waivers updated in order to have your student participate.  Thanks for your help!!



Just a friendly reminder that your tuition processes on the 1st of the month.  Those that prefer to pay cash will need to drop off a payment by the 25th of the month. A late fee of $25 is applied to all declined cards the next business day.


We will be sizing and handing out class outfits all month. In the meantime it is “freestyle” until your class outfit arrives.  Please let us know if you have any questions!


Each participant in our preschool dance and tiny tot program will be receiving a complementary prop bag. Have your dancer bring this bag to class each week. We will be using these items within our lesson plan.  You child should have 5 items in their bag shaker egg, wand, wrist ribbon, scarf and a STAR card. If at any time you need to transition to your home stage, you will have your props right there at home to join in on the fun! 


We will be streaming our classes on Zoom! It’s easy! Clear out space at home to allow for movement, have your device set up, access the Zoom link provided in your upcoming classes on the Parent Portal and we’ll do the rest! 


Congratulations! You’re Officially a Dance Parent…

Welcome to the club, dance moms and dads!  Now that you’ve formally signed your child up for lessons and you’ve gotten all the pertinent information about the season, you are officially a dance parent at Studio 56 Dance Center!

Being a dance parent here is a little bit like being in a secret society; there’s this new lingo to learn and a whole culture that you are now a part of.  Here’s the inside scoop on what you need to know for your new status as an Studio 56 Dance Center mom or dad:

  • Study up on your dancewear vocab.  A leotard is a form-fitting bodysuit that dancers wear to class, and tights are worn underneath (kinda like pantyhose). Tights and leotards take the place of underwear, make sure to take those off before putting on their tights!  Ballet shoes are usually pink and should fit snugly on your child’s feet; don’t buy them with room to grow!  Tap shoes are the noisy ones, and jazz shoes look a little like slip-on ballet shoes, except with a small heel.
  • Practice how to do a bun.  A bun is a hairstyle we recommend for most classes, as it allows students to move freely without getting hair in their face.  Our favorite method can be found in our tutorial video HERE. A quick Google or YouTube search will give you oodles of tutorials to choose from—or just ask us!  We can give you a demo right here in the lobby.
  • Pack a dance bag.  Dance shoes, a water bottle, extra dancewear, and hair supplies … all of these things belong in your child’s dance bag.  (Avoid allowing your child to wear their dance shoes outside; it’s damaging.)  Be sure to label everything with your child’s name or initials! 
  • Learn about the recital.  At Studio 56 Dance Center, we offer an opportunity every year for our students to perform.  The recital, as it’s commonly known, is when each class performs a routine onstage and in costume, and family and friends watch the show from the audience.  Stay tuned all year to our emails and handouts for all the need-to-know recital info!
  •  Introduce yourself to the other parents.  We love building a community of like-minded moms and dads who understand our culture and enjoy having their children involved in dance.  Our super-friendly dance parents are some of the best people we know, so we encourage you to introduce yourself in the lobby.  Share stories, find carpools, plan playdates, or ask about their personal experiences at Studio 56 Dance Center! 

 Being a dance parent is pretty awesome but being a dance parent at Studio 56 Dance Center is even better!  We hope this primer serves you well and helps you feel welcome at the studio.  We’re glad you’re here!


We are excited to offer our students a chance to join us from their home stage for a LIVE online class in a format that will allow students to get direct feedback from instructors! We are so glad we can continue learning together in an interactive setting. 

We will be streaming our classes on Zoom! It’s easy! Clear out space at home to allow for movement, have your device set up, access the Zoom link provided in your upcoming classes on the Parent Portal and we’ll do the rest! 



  1. Log in to the parent portal, first time logging in?  No problem, select “Forgot my password” to finish setting up your account. 
  2. Click the drop-down navigation in top left corner, select “request a trial/drop-in class.” 
  3. Select the virtual season for your program (dance, preschool, or company)
  4. Select the class and choose the date you’ll need to attend at home
  5. REPEAT if you’re in multiple classes 


  1. Download the Zoom app on a tablet or computer that allows for video and audio.
    1. Tablet- Download Zoom from App Store or Google Play  
    2. Computer- Click on your class access link in the parent portal and then click “launch zoom” (If this is your first time using Zoom, you’ll be prompted to download a small executable file.)
  2. Space to dance- large enough to move around a little, but not much is required.
  3. An open mind! This is a new experience for all involved! Let’s encourage our students to look for the positives and opportunities for growth.


  1. Make sure you have an internet connection and are using a device that allows for both video and audio.
  2. Login into the parent portal, first time logging in?  No problem, select forgot my password to finish setting up your account. 
  3. Scroll down to “upcoming classes” and select the hyperlink under location. Then click “launch zoom” (If this is your first time using Zoom, you’ll be prompted to download a small executable file).
  4. When joining us check that your CAMERA IS ON and your MICROPHONE IS MUTED. Having multiple mics open created feedback noise making it hard to hear instruction.
  5. When the class is over, click “Leave” in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Then click “Leave Meeting” and you’ll exit out of the classroom. 


  1. Three minutes before your scheduled class, click the link and join the group. Arriving early will give you time to troubleshoot any issues you may come across.
  2. Please keep your video-enabled so your teacher can interact with you.
  3. Clear the space you are dancing in. Remove any household items, obstacles or hazards that could potentially harm you or those around you. Avoid slippery surfaces.
  4. Wear your dance clothing!


  1. Can’t see yourself? Make sure you enable your video by clicking the video icon so there is no slash through it.
  2. If your technology isn’t working, try closing all media players because they can interfere (iTunes, GooglePlay, etc) and then restart your computer.
  3. Calls often get dropped but don’t worry- just click on the same link and rejoin.

We can’t wait to see you and experience this new way of learning!  Your continued dedication to our mission to provide your child with invaluable life skills through dance ensures we can continue doing the work we do. 

If you have any questions, please reach out. We are here and ready to help!


Ms. Amy

The Benefits of Competition – Teamwork

Learning how to be a part of a team—how to lead, how to follow, how to support, how to communicate—is at the heart of everything our competition dancers do.  At Studio 56 Dance Center, we know that teamwork is a skill our competition students will benefit from for their whole lives, whether they choose to pursue dance long-term or not.

While all of our Studio 56 Dance Center students develop their teamwork skills in class, it is our competition dancers who “level up” that experience with their extra commitments to dance.  Within the group’s rehearsals and additional performances, the effects of teamwork become ingrained in each dancer, a part of their pulse.

Teamwork starts with bonding, something we encourage in our students with icebreaker games and team-building exercises.  These activities can seem silly on the outside, but their purpose is much deeper on the inside.  The dancers begin to develop a human connection with each other and feel more comfortable sharing words of advice and encouragement.  

As the season progresses, our competition dancers put their teamwork skills to the test while learning choreography and during practices.  Some dancers will be asked to lead; others will follow.  Each person’s role will depend on someone else’s, so everyone has to be willing to put in their full energy behind the movement.  A common goal now drives the team forward: to put forth their highest group effort for the best possible result!  

The teamwork skills that have been growing all season unfold at competition time, revealing the group’s strengths and support for each other.  By this time the dancers are well-synced, but if a conflict arises, we want to teach them how to navigate through it gracefully.  Teamwork isn’t always a smooth process—sometimes there are big emotions, disagreements, and occasionally tears.  Our students learn that this is normal and part of the process of building their teamwork muscles.  They’ll be even stronger teammates once they’ve worked through their problems.

In our experience at Studio 56 Dance Center, there is a point each season where our competition dancers, after working together for some time, unite together with a new understanding.  They discover that they can only go so far alone.  To achieve their goal and put forth their personal best, they must work together to lift each other up and fuel the team with positivity.  They realize that by raising everyone’s spirits, they also raise everyone’s potential for greatness.  (And it’s pretty amazing to see this happen!)

Working as a member of a team is something every person has to do in their life—over and over again, with different personalities and ideas.  Whether it’s a group project at school, a presentation at work, a family effort to pull together, or yes, a professional dance performance, teamwork skills benefit everyone in all walks of life.  We love that we have the opportunity to instill this knowledge in our competition dancers in a profound way.

The Benefits of Competition – Sportsmanship

Nearly everyone is familiar with the Golden Rule, the principle of treating others the same way you want to be treated.  At Studio 56 Dance Center, we believe that good sportsmanship for our competition team dancers begins first and foremost with this principle.  But it doesn’t stop there!

Our team students are learning to expand upon good sportsmanship both at the studio and at competitions as part of the Studio 56 Dance Center culture.  Tapping into this deeper degree of humanity means that our students are developing their empathy and their integrity, qualities that will continue to serve them no matter what direction life leads.

These are the five guidelines we use as our compass for establishing successful sportsmanship:

  1. Treat everyone on the team with respect

Even though some friends on the team may be closer than others, everyone deserves to be approached with a smile and a helping hand.  Our team members know they are expected to cheer each other on, because it’s the kind and right thing to do.

  • Be openly friendly to other teams at events

Not every team will take sportsmanship as seriously as we do, but we want our dancers to know that we expect them to approach everyone they meet at a competition in a friendly and polite manner—a simple smile can go far in making someone else’s day.

  • Agree to rise above any negativity

Whether negativity bubbles up from inside our team or an outside source, it’s important to us that our dancers learn how to squash it by removing themselves from the conversation and focusing on the task at hand.  We are teaching them to hold themselves and each other accountable for keeping the negativity out.

  • Offer compliments to other dancers and teams

Giving compliments to others is an easy habit to build; it just takes practice!  We want our dancers to feel comfortable expressing kind words to others—and being gracious when they are the recipient.

  • Remember that being kind is always right

We’re teaching our students that competitions are an excellent example of the real world.  Sometimes we encounter awesome people; other times people aren’t so nice.  No matter what, we always have the option to act with grace and compassion.

For our competition team students, practicing good sportsmanship benefits not just their dance experience but their lifeexperience.  These habits spill over into all areas of their lives in a way that cannot be measured.  It’s the feeling of that impact—and the knowledge that they’re making a difference—that tells you they get it.  And what a humbling and profound feeling that is!

Red Carpet Recital!

Our students & families have earned a special ending to this year. YES, we will have a recital. It will not be our traditional recital experience, but if 2020 is teaching us anything, it is to turn life’s lemons into delicious LEMONADE! We’ve gotten creative and are determined to make this memorable for your family and to make sure that at the end of all this our kids come out better people.

This year we will be offering the opportunity for families to reimagine recital and the tumbling exhibition and to showcase the accomplishments of our students. We can’t wait for what is possibly going to be one of the most memorable events we have ever produced!

The Red Carpet Recital Experience is going to be magical! Here is what you need to know now:

  • Sign up for a small group Dress Rehearsal time
  • Sign up for your Red Carpet Recital Experience with your teacher! (cast list is below)
  • Sign up for a Tumble Exhibition time (only for those tumblers signed up, cast list is below)

1. Sign up for a Dress Rehearsal time HERE.

Between June 1-5th we’ll be holding small group practice time to prepare dancers for their big day! Our teachers will be there to run through your routines while following all CDC requirements for social distancing. Select one time slot for your routine that’s with your teacher. Find your name in the cast list below to see your routine name and teacher. More instructions on drop off/pick up procedures and what to wear will be sent out when it gets closer.

2. Sign up for your Red Carpet Recital time!  

Between June 17-20 dancers will join their teacher and entertain 5 VIP guests for their own special recital! Find your name on the cast list at the end of this email and click your teacher’s name to sign up for a time. Click your song name to a link to the folder with your practice videos. 

If you have more than one class with different teachers, you can choose to sign up for a slot with both of them, OR pick your favorite dance and sign up for that one… it’s totally up to you!

Stars classes that have a ballet and jazz dance will perform both in your time slot, or you can choose their favorite dance!

3. Tumbling Exhibition is separate from the Red Carpet times and will be held as originally scheduled on June 10th. If you are signed up for this your name is listed below. Head HERE to sign up for a 1-on-1 Exhibition time with your teacher. You’ll have time to practice your skills and stretch before heading into the spotlight to show off your skills to your guests! Not sure who your teacher is? Check the list below! 

What Red Carpet Recitals will look like:

  • Each child gets to invite up to 5 VIP guests to this memorable experience. This is your chance to celebrate with them their moment in the spotlight they’ve worked hard for all year!
  • Step 1: Arrival Experience – We’re rolling out the red carpet! Our star performer will be dropped off at the front of the building and greeted by our event host (one of the teachers all dressed up). They will welcome them in through the front door and escort them into room one.
  • Step 2: Photo Experience – While practicing social distancing dancers will: Meet with our photographer to capture this memory that will last a lifetime! We will be providing individual picture downloads this year in the performance package as an alternative to class pictures for Red Carpet Recitals.
  • Step 3: They will meet their teacher, review their choreography, and prepare for their big performance!
  • Step 4: Stage Experience – Performers will enter room 2 and step onto the stage for their once in a lifetime recital experience. The audience (up to 5 guests of your choice) will join us as you SHINE BRIGHT on stage! Their teacher will be there with them to support them every step of the way. Parents will be able to take as many pictures and videos of their big performance as they’d like!
  • Step 5: Celebration Experience – Following the stage performance, your child’s teacher will escort your small group to the celebration area where performers will receive their commemorative COVID Keepsake goodie bag, complete with a congratulatory rose and confetti! From there you’ll exit out the back and can continue celebrating by going to get ice cream or whatever you dream up on this special day.

There are no additional ticket fees for this event. Offering private red carpet experiences will allow us to give our students the chance to be celebrated with their loved ones AND THEIR TEACHERS and no one has to miss out! We considered doing this class by class, but then we would not be able to fit anyone to be the audience in the space and we decided this was the best plan for everyone.


We will be hosting a curbside Pick-up the end of May where families will drive around, pop their trunk, and we’ll load in your costumes and recital shirts.  We’re still awaiting a few costumes that have had delayed ship dates thanks to COVID, so as soon as we’ve received them, we’ll send out the details!

Recital Reimagined Timeline:

  • May 11-29: We’ll continue with Zoom classes and recital prep
  • May 25-29: Final Zoom Week ­– Class Celebrations
  • End of May: Costume Curbside Pick Up, details to follow
  • June 1-5: In-Person Small group rehearsals for Red Carpet Recital, sign up for practice time with your teacher
  • June 10-20: Red Carpet Recitals, pick your day and time, sign up to follow


Next week is “Hero Week” – dress as your favorite superhero for class: doctors, nurse, teacher, mom/dad, author, athlete, character, etc!

Pathways for Dancers Meetings- May 20th via Zoom: Learn about the programs and class options we have for your child’s dance journey as they grow!

Dancer Pathway Meeting – Preschool Age 6:00pm
Meeting ID: 741-7410-3483
Password: 819887

Dancer Pathway Meeting – KND – 2nd Grade 6:45pm
Meeting ID: 749-7593-1678
Password: 5543367

Dancer Pathway Meeting – 3rd Grade and older 7:30pm
Meeting ID: 752-1473-4813
Password: 666735

Virtual At-Home Recitals: May 18, and May 26-29! Dress up in anything you want for this special final class celebration. We’ll send out a special virtual background for kids to turn on during their recital run through and snap a class photo! Check out this quick video to see how the last week of classes Virtual Recital Experience will work!

The Benefits of Competition – Resilience

When it comes to resilience, the dictionary defines it in two ways: 1) the power or ability to return to the original form, position, etc., after being bent, compressed, or stretched; elasticity.  2) the ability to recover readily from illness, depression, adversity, or the like; buoyancy.

At Studio 56 Dance Center, we explain resilience as a combination of both definitions.  We like to think of it as the ability of a dancer to bounce back after being faced with a challenge, experiencing an unexpected outcome, going through a difficult time, or being stretched past where they thought they could reach.  

For our competition team dancers, developing resilience isn’t just a perk; it’s a necessity.  Throughout dance practices and competition events, we know there will be times when their ability to be resilient will be tested.  There is a choice in those times to either give up or grow, and we’re teaching our students how to choose growth!  With that in mind, here are some of the ways we are developing resilience in the team:

  • Learning how to handle outcomes you didn’t think were fair

As a team, we discuss healthy ways for the dancers to express their disappointment when they don’t receive the award or recognition they wanted.  An important part of this conversation is how they manage their expectations, remembering that our purpose for competing is not about the trophies; it’s about doing our best work.

  • Understanding the importance of your self-talk

We discuss how self-talk can build people up or tear them down.  Our goal is to help the dancers recognize this influence and practice positive self-talk.  A growth mindset comes from the self-talk that says every mistake or failure is an opportunity to learn.

  • Owning your behavior toward others

In moments of high emotion, it can be easy for dancers to lash out at friends (or other teams or judges) for problems that happened in practice or performance.  As leaders, we are committed to teaching our students that placing blame doesn’t serve anyone well.  It’s key for everyone to accept responsibility for their own actions and reactions.

  • Getting back in class or on stage with a clear mind

One of the hardest parts about developing resilience is letting go of past troubles.  We’re striving to teach our students how to leave grudges behind and come into every rehearsal and performance with a fresh perspective and an open heart.

We want our students to know that you don’t become a resilient adult overnight; you must practice the behaviors that build resilience in order to reap the benefits.  We’re proud of the way our competition team students are growing stronger in this way, and we appreciate all you do as parents to support these lessons at home.  We are all in this together!

Concert Expectations for Your Little One

Performing in the concert is a brand new experience for most of our young dancers.  And while some will find it exciting, others might be a little nervous.  In our experience, one of the keys to concert success is encouraging your child to do their best and reassuring them that you are proud no matter what.  

So, what’s it going to be like when the big day rolls around?  What’s reasonable for you to expect from your child?  We’ve put together some of our best advice for a rewarding concert experience with your little one!

Remember that ….

Dancing on stage in front of hundreds of people is a pretty big deal! Some dancers are shy and others ham it up.  However, they react, allof our young dancers are gaining a tremendous amount of confidence by performing in front of a crowd.  Through this process, they are learning about self-expression, demonstrating their skills, and gaining a sense of accomplishment.

Strong emotions might occur, and that’s totally OK!  We’ve seen dancers who are so excited to perform they can hardly stand still, and others who suddenly become worried that they can’t see mom and dad way out there in the audience.  In our experience, most of these big emotions dissipate after the dress rehearsal.  But we do have a few special tactics to calm and comfort our littlest performers when needed, so rest assured they are always in good hands!

Live performances can be unpredictable—and often in positive ways. But you may wonder whether your little one will forget the dance routine or if they’ll have a case of stage fright.  Though those things do happen sometimes, they don’t mean your child’s future in dance is over.  (In fact, far from it!)  We know we can’t predict exactly what will happen, but we can guarantee that we are as proactive and prepared as possible.

Our curricula are designed to focus on gross motor skills and dance fundamentals.  Our students are being taught age-appropriate movements that align with their physical development.  Don’t expect your little one to perform with the same knowledge and skills of a dancer who is older or more experienced!  Technical progress comes over time as each dancer moves through our class levels at just the right pace.

Success comes in many forms, and we do not promote perfection as one of them!  Instead, we talk in class about the dancers trying their best and having fun while they perform.  Success is both the child who comes off stage beaming with joy AND the one who shyly admits she enjoyed it; it is both the child who remembered every step AND the one who forgot a few but worked super hard.  We want to celebrate every version of concert success!

We hope you enjoy watching your dancer onstage at the concert and seeing how far they’ve come this year.  All of us at Studio 56 Dance Center are super proud of our young dancers’ progress!