Frequently Asked Questions

At what age do you start dance and tumbling classes?

Our Tiny Tots program is a parent and tot dance class that starts at age 18mo.  It’s an introduction to music and movement using creativity, imagination, role-playing and props. At age 3, students can transition into a Preschool Dance and/or a Preschool Tumbling class.  Our Little Learners Preschool Program for ages 3-5 offers a unique opportunity for preschoolers to reach important learning targets through an arts infused curriculum two or three days a week. Students ages 5 and up can take ballet class, jazz class, hip hop class, acro class, or even audition for our performing company. Our teen dancers can participate in our advanced performing companies, Pointe/Pre-pointe curriculum, and more.

How much do your dance and tumbling classes cost?

We believe in offering a quality program that capitalizes on the intrinsic benefits of a fine arts education. Our pricing structure is designed so that students can pursue multiple interests with discounts for additional classes, and instructors are intentional about infusing important core values and life skills into each student’s dance education. 

Since we work within a network of approximately 300 other studio owners affiliated with the More Than Just Great Dancing, we are aware of the varied prices of dance education programs.  Many cost variables do exist in the core goals and priorities of each studio. Our goal is to be leaders in the industry for the standards we see as critical to training and nurturing dance students.  Our owner has chosen to make several areas of our program a priority including, providing professional development including Dance Teacher Summit trainings in California, Progressive Ballet Technique Certification, Acrobatic Arts Certification, Safer Studios Certification,  STAR Leadership Certification, CPR Certification as well as holding our staff to the highest standards of emotional and physical safety of our students, as well as More than Just Great Dancing Affiliated License for ongoing industry training and quite a bit more.

One of the investments that is most important to us is our investment into our studio culture and providing the attention, nurturing and intentionality that a positive studio culture requires.  We have found that our priorities align with our families’ goals as well and that they agree with and recognize the value of our investments.

Since the years of childhood are short, our goal is to use dance as a method of developing core values and important life skills so that the benefits of dance go well beyond the classroom and prepare our students to be happy, healthy, successful adults.  These goals, among others, do require resources that we have continued to invest in our students, staff and programs.

You can view our class pricing in our Studio Info Kit:

Do you offer sibling discounts?

Yes. Siblings have the opportunity to participate in our dance and tumbling classes at a discounted rate. We offer $5 off monthly tuition in addition to discounts for registration and performance costs.

What are the other costs associated with dance classes?

Class Attire/Shoes can be purchased at the studio or on your own. There are also costume costs, performance costs, and ticketing associated with our December Benefit Concert and May Recital. 

What credentials do your instructors have?

The dance industry is completely unregulated, which means that anyone can call themselves a dance teacher regardless of their level of training, education or certifications. Most people wouldn’t hire an unlicensed contractor to work in their home or be satisfied with an unlicensed teacher at their child’s school, and we would advise against trusting an unlicensed dance teacher with your child’s training. The Studio 56 Dance Center staff consists of highly trained and Certified dance education professionals with a variety of credentials including college degrees in dance, child development, and education, along with teaching certifications through the State of Utah, Progressing Ballet Technique, Adaptive Dance Techniques, Acrobatic Arts, just to name a few. All of our staff members are CPR certified and have passed a national background check.

What can I expect from my child’s first dance class?

We invite you to read our blog post about what to expect!

Do you have performing teams?

Yes. The Goal of the Studio 56 Dance Center performing company is to expand the dancer’s world beyond weekly classes by offering a variety of experiences including performances, conventions, workshops, community events and competitions. Our performing company curriculum and standards train dancers to emerge as leaders among their peers. We are incredibly proud of our award-winning performance teams. Here is a quick overview:

  • Lower Elementary Performing Company – ages 5 to 7 intermediate dancers, 2-4 hour/week required commitment 
  • Upper Elementary Performing Company – ages 8 to 12 intermediate dancers, 4-6 hour/week required commitment 
  • Junior High and High School Performing Company – ages 13 to 18 intermediate/advanced dancers,, 6-12 hour/week required commitment 

Can my child try a dance or tumbling class before we commit?

Yes! We understand the need to determine if our classes and studio culture are the right fit for your family before making an investment, so there are always opportunities to see if our programs are a good fit for your family and your child: 

  1. Trial classes:  Complementary trial classes are offered in classes where space is available.
  2. One Day Camps:  One day camps are offered throughout the year and provide a great way for families to try the studio prior to enrolling for a weekly class. 

Do you have boys at your studio?

Yes. We have boys of all ages at our studio. Our most popular beginner classes for boys is our Boys Club and the Little Learners Preschool program, however we have boys who participate in ballet, jazz, hip hop and Performing Company. We welcome boys and enjoy sharing our love of the arts with them!

What measures do you take to keep my child safe? 

The safety of our dance families is our number one priority and we have numerous safety policies that we enforce to keep our studio an emotionally and physically safe place for families.  In May 2020, Studio 56 Dance Center earned a Safer Studios Certification through More Than Just Great Dancing. Safety protocols include wellness checks for staff, enhanced studio cleaning and hand cleaning procedures, specific curricular and facility adjustments and continual parent communication.
When attending performances, rehearsals, public appearances or recitals / concerts, Studio 56 Dance Center staff members, dancers and family members are expected to represent the studio in a responsible, ethical, enthusiastic and courteous manner. 

For the physical and emotional safety of our dancers, their families, our staff and their families, all Studio 56 Dance Center staff and enrolled families are held to a high ethical and moral standard regarding Internet profiles. Studio 56 Dance Center does not permit families or staff to post negative comments about staff members, dancers, dance parents, dance families, or any other individual associated with Studio 56 Dance Center. Posts that are abusive in nature, harassment, inappropriate posts, comments or photographs, any post threatening or damaging to another person, or illegal, are immediate grounds for dismissal from our programs. 

Click HERE to read our Covid-19 precautions, procedures and protocols.

Can I watch my child in their dance class?

In an effort to maximize both instructional time and observational time, parent observation will be permitted for the entire class twice per year. Dates are noted on the event calendar. Other observations are at the teacher’s discretion. We ask that you observe quietly, that cell phones be turned off, and that siblings are monitored and quiet during observations.

What is your cancellation policy?

To withdraw from classes, you must notify Studio 56 Dance Center by the 15th of the month to discontinue payment for the next month. To withdraw from class a parent must: 1) Email the studio, and 2) complete the official withdrawal form we email you. Automatic bank debiting or credit card charges will stop after the 15-day notice period. Tuition will not be refunded for classes dropped outside the 15-day window.

Do you follow a dress code?

Yes. Our class attire is simple and cost-effective for parents and allows for uniformity and a clean, professional classroom look. You can view our class attire HERE

Check out our blog post about Why a Dress Code?

What performance opportunities do you offer your students?

We believe that performance experience is one of the foundational pillars of a well-rounded dance education. As a result of our many positive relationships within our community, our students have the opportunity to participate in community performance opportunities throughout the year. For example, our students perform at Spooktacular at the Davis County Rec Center, at Dance For Life Benefit Concert in December for the Utah Foster Care Foundation, community showcases for local high schools and more. We host two annual recital stage productions that include our entire studio: Holiday Concert (December) and Recital (May).  We also have performing companies who represent Studio 56 Dance Center at dance competitions and conventions throughout the state. 

In what ways do you communicate important information to parents? 

We keep our website updated and accurate so that parents can always find answers there. We also communicate often via email, text messages, and reminder signs throughout the studio. 

How do I register? Enrolling online is easy!

1. Go to 

2. Click “Enroll Now” 

3. Create and account or recover your password if you have already inquired in our program.  

Can I tour the studio before signing up? 

Yes! We love to show prospective parents our “home.”  It’s best to make an appointment via email or over the phone so that we can give you a proper tour without distraction and get all your questions answered with minimal interruption. Please call or text 801-261-3182 or email to schedule a tour and trial dance class.

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