Awesome Audience Etiquette

With the date fast approaching for concert, we thought this would be the perfect time to share with you our tips for awesome audience etiquette!  Following these tips will help us ensure an enjoyable concert experience for everyone involved.

Tip #1: When entering the theater take a quick note of where the exits are, just in case of an emergency.

Tip #2: Plan to turn off or silence all of your devices prior to the start of the show.  The sounds and screens are very disruptive.  There is no need to use your phone during the performance, because we have a professional photographer and videographer attending the show! Sit back and relax while you enjoy watching your child perform live instead of through your phone screen!

 Tip #3: It is courteous to applaud after each routine in the concert, but please avoid shouting or screaming as it can be distracting to both the dancers on stage and to other audience members.

Tip #4: There may be some high-energy routines where you are encouraged to clap along in time to the music; we invite you to do so.  (Just remember: no hollering!)

 Tip #5: Avoid entering or exiting the theater while there are dancers performing onstage.  A good rule of thumb is to only move from your seat in between routines, if necessary.

 Tip #6: Following Tip #5, if you have a baby or young child who is sitting with you and they become disruptive, please exit with them quickly and quietly between routines.

 Tip #7: Refrain from talking or whispering with other audience members while the dancers are performing.  Quick comments in between routines are OK!

 Tip #8: Don’t litter.  Please take care not to leave any belongings or trash behind so we do not incur an unexpected cleaning fee.

Studio 56 Dance Center has an excellent reputation for being well-organized, gracious, and respectful of our venue so we will be welcome back!  As members of our concert audience, your cooperation is much appreciated in helping us maintain this good standing!  If you will be inviting other family members and friends to the show, please share these tips with them too.

As you enjoy the show, don’t forget that our students are dancing their hearts out for you, the audience!  Show them your appreciation by following these tips and recognizing their hard work. 

Please let us know if you have ANY questions before the big day!

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