Welcome to The Dance Bag!

Welcome to The Dance Bag….This blog is for all of our AMAZING families at Studio 56!!!  We started this blog to share ideas, thoughts, inspirations and gratitude with our dance families.  It is designed to help our parents SHINE BRIGHT on their journey as a DANCE parent!

You might ask, why did they name it The Dance Bag!!  Well as our dancers grow in our program we tell them to take their experiences from classes, workshops, performances and their peers and add it to their big “dance bag” of knowledge.  When the time is right you dip in and pull out a technique, a tip, a positive thought, whatever it might be and use it amongst your day.  Whether that be at dance class or in their day to day life.

As dance parents, you get to have your own “dance bag”. In that bag might actually be physical things like bobby pins, hair elastic, eyelash glue and an emergency pair of tights…but we are actually talking about your other “dance bag”.  The one that you have all your go to dance mom (or dad) knowledge in.  The bag that you go to when your dancer is headed to his/her first performance on the big stage and you need to help calm their nerves.  Where you look to find answers about supporting them in their passion and helping them reach their goals. The bag you dig into when they are feeling a bit burnt out and you are encouraging them to keep chasing their dreams.

Our blog will be filled with valuable tips, relatable stories, encouraging words and many thanks for supporting not only your dancer, but our community of dedicated dancers and their families!

We are here for you!  We have been there! We are ready to guide you and share our experiences.  We love what we do and we look forward to sharing with you!

So stay tuned!  There is more to come!

Miss Amy

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