What It Really Means to Win

At Studio 56 Dance Center, our competition students know right from start that we don’t compete to win trophies.  We compete to become better dancers than we were the day before.

Winning at a competition isn’t ultimately about which place we achieve.  It isn’t about the prize or the praise.  Winning is about going above and beyond by:

  • Doing your best dancing
  • Being a great teammate
  • Encouraging others around you

We want each student to perform with their personal best in mind.  There is a beautiful quote from the famous dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov that says, “I do not try to dance better than anyone else.  I only try to dance better than myself.”  This quote is exactly the mindset we are aiming to instill in our students.  

The real competition in our dancers’ lives is within themselves, not with others.  A true “win” is when they know they gave it their all … and not at the expense of someone else.  Part of a winning performance is the harmony achieved in the teamwork.  Our dancers are learning that stepping on another dancer’s toes (literally or figuratively) isn’t an acceptable way to reach for a win.  Instead, we need to remember to lift our teammates up, to cheer them on and support them.  Because if each dancer does these things for each other, everyone’s potential rises.  Everyone has the capability to win.

Now don’t get us wrong: being awarded a prize is still pretty cool!  We do love celebrating those victories.  The reason why we don’t focus our attention there is because we know it’s temporary.  It is a reflection of that particular moment in time, not a snapshot of the future.  It is an exciting, fleeting moment of well-earned recognition that will be cherished as a special memory—but we must not let it define a dancer’s worth.

Our competition dancers at Studio 56 Dance Center are measuring their value in personal growth, not trophies, plaques, medals, or money.  We’re teaching them to understand that winning in life—succeeding as a human being—has much more to do with their inner self than outward praise.  The results of a competition or the comments from a judge can be useful for learning, but those things are not labels for life.

Winning at a competition means that every dancer has their heart-centered on doing the hard work.  It means that their passion and technique come together as a team.  And it means that when it’s all over, we see joy on their faces and celebrate it, no matter the score.

The Benefits of Concert – Teamwork

What’s an invaluable life skill that everyone needs?  Teamwork!  And dancers must do a lot of it.  By working with their classmates on a group performance for the concert, our dancers of all ages learn how to work together to create the best possible result.

As you’ve probably seen in class, it’s never too early to begin developing teamwork skills.  At Studio 56 Dance Center, even our preschool students are learning how to follow the leader, make a circle, or change spots with a friend—all skills that they build upon throughout the season and may demonstrate in their concert routine.

As our students mature, they also begin to see the importance of reliability on each other—that as a group, they are helping one another pave a successful path to performance time.  The process of learning a concert dance and practicing together becomes just as important as the final performance itself.

Throughout their educational journey, your child will likely be involved in quite a bit of teamwork.  And eventually when they enter the workforce, their teamwork skills will be put to the real-world test.  Being able to collaborate on ideas and cooperate for solutions, presentations, and shared goals are something everyone will encounter at some point or another.  Through dance, our students are already developing a comfort level with this type of work!

That’s not to say teamwork is always easy.  While practicing their concert routines, our students are understanding how to recognize each other’s strengths and communicate effectively.  Different learning styles and personality styles mean that teamwork can be tricky to handle at times, and there may be bumps in the road.  But learning how to navigate those bumps now, at a young age, is a major advantage!  And with our experienced instructors guiding the way and nurturing these skills, we know our dancers will grow to excel in any teamwork environment.

We like to say that “dance friends are forever friends” and we think teamwork exemplifies this in every way.  Through their cooperative efforts in class and on stage, the dancers are also developing a camaraderie and support system.  When our students learn and grow alongside each other, sometimes for years and years on end, they form connections through their shared experiences—and their shared love for dance.  

The bonds created through teamwork are truly immeasurable.  At Studio 56 Dance Center we have seen just how necessary—and how meaningful—these group bonds can be among our students.  And there’s no better place to see teamwork on display than at the concert!

2019 December Footnotes

Who has a kiddo that loves Frozen? Register to attend our Frozen Friends Camp and we will give you an elegantly wrapped box with an ice blue tutu and special invitation to put under the tree this Christmas


  • When: January 20th, 10:30-12noon
  • Where: Studio 56 Dance Center, West Murray⁠ location
  • To purchase tickets: Visit our online events by clicking here
  • *Space is limited; availability will be a 1st come 1st serve, no refunds or exchanges. 
  • Gift boxes will be available for pick up Dec 9-20 @ West Murray


Check our ONLINE STORE!  Tights, ballet shoes, and Studio Swag make GREAT stocking stuffers!

Shop online and pick it up at the studio the next time you are in!

Dress Rehearsal is in class the week of Dec 2-6th. Details can be found on our website under the CLICK HERE.  It is a full hair, full makeup, full costume rehearsal for Preschool Dancers and STARS.


STAR and COMPANY classes!  We are going to be observing FREEstyle all month to help with keeping class outfits clean for performances.  Can’t wait to see your fun style!  What is FREEstyle?  It’s when you can wear any appropriate dancewear to class…

Wear your Studio 56 Swag ALL DAY on Friday, December 13th to show your Studio 56 SPIRIT!! When your friends ask why you are wearing them, invite them to come to our benefit concert!

Take pictures and share them with us on Facebook or Instagram! 




We want you to join us in our monthly strength and stretch challenge!  Each month we have a new challenge we are working on.  You can print it out and track your progress at home.  In the last week of the month, we will “test” our students in class and see if they can meet the goals for their age!    

CLICK HERE for this Month’s Challenge


We are excited to have a new theme each month just for preschool dancers!  This month our theme is “From My Heart to Yours“ We will be singing and dancing to holiday tunes while working on our routine for the holiday show. We encourage you to get involved and have them practice their skills at home!  This month we are focusing on gallops, head isolations, 6th position, shoulder isolations, toe touches, and sharing.  

Our STAR, Company and Preschool Dancers are embarking on an amazing journey as part of our holiday show titled The Grinch That Stole Christmas.  We have started our holiday routines and will be performing at Dance For Life on December 14th at Viewmont High School.  We are super excited to see these darling kiddos take that step out onto the big stage!!  

Dance for Life is an amazing event hosted by Studio 56 Dance Center.  The proceeds from this event go to the Utah Foster Care Foundation.  More details on how you can get involved along with Performance details for your dancer visit our website.  All the details can be found at www.studio56dance.com by visiting our parent portal and clicking concert info!  Or simply CLICK HERE

Cast announcements were emailed out in October, please reach out to the office at info@studio56dance.com if you have questions on your cast.

Performance times:

  • Christmas Tree Cast: Call-time 9:30 am, 10:30 am
  • Company Cast: Call-time 11:30am, 12:30pm
  • Snowflake Cast: Call-time 1:45pm, 2:45pm

Tickets to Dance for Life go on sale: https://web.tututix.com/client/studio56dance/


We are so excited to be hosting “Dance For Life…and make a difference” a benefit concert in support of the Utah Foster Care Foundation and other local Utah Charities.  We are going to be collecting PJs and books at the studio and at this year’s benefit concert to donate to those in need of a comfy new pair of jammies this holiday.  

Get your student involved by watching for PJ’s at a good price.  All the proceeds and PJ/books collected will be donated right here in Utah.  CLICK HERE for more details on how you can get involved, from hosting a drive at your office to volunteering the day of the event.

Information can be found just CLICK HERE

You can sign up on our Signup Genius.  There you will see descriptions of positions we need to fill as well as times.  

We are looking for volunteers to help the day of the Benefit Concert.  If you are available we are looking for ticket sales, ushers, etc.

We have SO MUCH fun at our event called Parent’s Night Out! Mark your calendar for your DECEMBER DATE NIGHT and we will take the kids…Friday, December 20thfrom 6-10 pm!! We have lots of fun activities planned for the kids and you can enjoy a night out child-free!  Only $15 per child ages 3 and up (must be potty trained). We will be serving Pizza @ 6:30 pm.

Sign up in your parent portal or use our quick form on our website.

Please pay close attention to the calendar.  We will be closed Dec 21 –Jan 5 for Winter Break.  Classes will resume on January 6th. Our schedule stays the same when we return in January.  The classes you are currently registered in continue through June 2020.  We hope you have a wonderful and safe holiday; we will see you in 2020.

Can you believe it, we are already preparing for our next big show!!  Coming up in June will be our Tumbling Exhibition and our year-end Concert.  More details on these 2 events will be coming your way as we get closer!

Concert commitment was done at the time of registration, however, it’s not too late to sign up!  SAVE $20 by registering for the concert before Dec 15th. Not sure if you have registered for the concert?  You can see your concert registration by logging into your online account.

  1. Click account login
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  3. View all my classes
    1. There you will see the enrollment for pay in full or 7 installments
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First installment payments for the concert process December 1st

Why Concert? Click here to see what the big show is all about!