Why dance is ESSENTIAL for the well-being of children.

Dance has many benefits! We’ve listed a few of our favorites below in three categories: academic, emotional, and physical.

Intellectual and Academic Benefits:

  1. Students who regularly participate in dance lessons typically tend to perform better academically than their nonparticipating peers. Students who have a background in dance tend to achieve significantly higher SAT scores and do better in math and science competitions. (Source FamilyTalk Magazine)
  2. Young children will create movement spontaneously when presented with movement ideas or problems that can be solved with a movement response. Movement provides the cognitive loop between the idea, problem, or intent and the outcome or solution. This teaches an infant, child and, ultimately, adult to function in and understand the world. The relationship of movement to intellectual development and education is an embryonic field of study that has only recently begun to be explored. (Source: NDEO [National Dance Education Organization])
  3. Children-at-risk (those with lower socioeconomic statuses, less family stability, etc.) benefit from arts-rich experiences in that they earn higher grades, are more likely to graduate from high school and further their education, and become engaged learners and citizens. The arts make education more equitable for all, regardless of external circumstances. (Source: James Catterall, National Endowment for the Arts)
  4. Eighth graders who had high levels of arts engagement from kindergarten through elementary school showed higher test scores in science and writing than did students who had lower levels of arts engagement over the same period. (Source: James Catterall, National Endowment for the Arts)
  5. Students who had arts-rich experiences in high school were more likely than students without those experiences to complete a calculus course. Also, students who took arts courses in high school achieved a slightly higher grade-point average (GPA) in math than did other students. (Source: James Catterall, National Endowment for the Arts)
  6. In two separate databases, students who had arts-rich experiences in high school showed higher overall GPAs than did students who lacked those experiences. High school students who earned few or no arts credits were five times more likely not to have graduated than students who earned many arts credits (Source: James Catterall, National Endowment for the Arts)
  7. Both 8th-grade and high school students who had high levels of arts engagement were more likely to aspire to college than were students with less arts engagement. (Source: James Catterall, National Endowment for the Arts)
  8. Arts-engaged high school students enrolled in competitive colleges—and in four-year colleges in general—at higher rates than did low arts-engaged students. (Source: James Catterall, National Endowment for the Arts)
  9. Students who had intensive arts experiences in high school were three times more likely than students who lacked those experiences to earn a bachelor’s degree. They also were more likely to earn “mostly A’s” in college. (Source: James Catterall, National Endowment for the Arts)
  10. Lastly, the study notes that students from arts-rich backgrounds were also more civically engaged than those with low-arts backgrounds. (Source: James Catterall, National Endowment for the Arts)

Social and Emotional Benefits:

  1. Dance lessons can encourage children to foster a more positive attitude and explore their own self-expression. This can be particularly beneficial for children who are physically or mentally impaired or those who are attempting to deal with significant emotional problems. (Source: EduDance)
  2. Dance lessons can help children improve their social and communication skills, learn how to work as part of a team, develop a greater sense of trust and cooperation and make new friends. If your child is shy, enrolling her in dance can encourage her to reach out to other children her age and help to reduce her anxiety about new people or places. Dance can also help to alleviate fears related to performing in front of an audience. (Source: FamilyTalk Magazine)
  3. Dance promotes psychological health and maturity. Children enjoy the opportunity to express their emotions and become aware of themselves and others through creative movement. A pre-school child enters a dance class or classroom with a history of emotional experiences. Movement within a class offers a structured outlet for physical release while gaining awareness and appreciation of oneself and others. (Source: NDEO)
  4. Dance fosters social encounters, interaction, and cooperation. Children learn to communicate ideas to others through the real and immediate mode of body movement. Children quickly learn to work within a group dynamic. As the ongoing and sometimes challenging process of cooperation evolves, children learn to understand themselves in relation to others. (Source: NDEO)
  5. Dance yields small but consistent effects for the improvement of well-being, mood, affect, and body image. The authors of a meta-analysis of 23 studies on the effectiveness of dance movement therapy concluded that dancing should be encouraged as part of treatment for people with depression and anxiety.

Results suggest that Dance/Movement Therapy and dance are effective for increasing quality of life and decreasing clinical symptoms such as depression and anxiety. Positive effects were also found on the increase of subjective well-being, positive mood, affect, and body image. (Source: The Arts in Psychotherapy)

Physical Benefits:

  1. Regular dance practice can increase your child’s flexibility, range of motion, physical strength, and stamina. The repetitive movements involved in dance can improve muscle tone, correct poor posture, increase balance and coordination and improve overall cardiovascular health. Dancing is an aerobic form of exercise. For children who are overweight, it can potentially help them to lose weight and improve their eating habits. (Source: Pro Dance Center)
  2. Dance involves a greater range of motion, coordination, strength, and endurance than most other physical activities. This is accomplished through movement patterns that teach coordination and kinesthetic memory. Dancing utilizes the entire body and is an excellent form of exercise for total body fitness. Young children are naturally active, but dance offers an avenue to expand movement possibilities and skills. (Source: NDEO)

2021 May Newsletter


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This past month we were able to welcome the Murray Drill Team into our studio.  We are excited to be able to help them grow their dancers by refining their technique. Also, our Performing Company students wrapped up their competition season this past weekend.  The love, support and cheers were just what we needed! We’ve had some amazing wins that were not just based on scores.  We are so grateful we had the opportunity to shine on stage this season. 


Teacher Appreciation is this month.  This is a GREAT opportunity to let ALL of your teachers know how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication. Thank you for all the amazing contributions to our group gift and teacher forms. Still want to do something special, all of our teachers love personal thank you notes and pictures, please shower them with your kind words this week!!  


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Let’s have a little FUN this month!  It’s Sprit week May 6-10th!!  

  • Monday, DECADE Day: Send your student dressed up in styles from any decade.
  • Tuesday, CARTOON DAY: Send your student dressed up as their favorite cartoon. 
  • Wednesday, PAJAMA DAY: Send your student to class in their PJ’s today!
  • Thursday, TEACHER LOOK A LIKE DAY: Dress like your teacher today.
  • Friday, Sports/fitness day: Studio 56 Swag, dress in your favorite team jersey t-shirt 


Now accepting applications for the Dancing B Scholarship. Studio 56 will be offering a $500 Scholarship to a student for tuition for the 2020/21 season. This Scholarship will be in honor of one of our dancers that passed away named Brooklyn Holladay. The scholarship is available to students 4 years and older.  Application and scholarship details can be found on the WEBSITE PORTAL and click on Dancing B Scholarship. 


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We are looking for Sponsors!  All students and parents have the opportunity to purchase and sell ads, and 40% of all ads sold will be credited back to the students account in June. Participation is not required.  All ad space forms are due June 5th. CLICK HERE for pricing, details and ad submission.


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SUMMER DANCE! Registration for summer classes and camps is NOW OPEN! Keep your kids moving this summer and join us for classes! Space is limited. View the summer guide HERE.

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If you’re looking for exceptional training and an outlet for dance then mark your calendars with the 2021 Studio 56 Dance Center Company summer dates! Our company program is for dancers who want to be challenged to reach their full potential.  Find more info HERE


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As the season progresses additional concert information or updates will be posted on our concert link on our website, in monthly newsletters, and on the school bulletin board. Make it your responsibility to keep abreast of this important information. Our goal is to make the recital an organized, exciting experience for everyone involved. The success of the show is a team effort of students, their parents, the teachers, and the director.


  • June 5: Concert Pictures & Dress Rehearsal @ West Murray
  • June 9: Tumbling Exhibition
  • June 19: Concert


Our teachers have loaded their choreography and music to dropbox for you to rehearse at home.  You can also access this link on our website under, portal, Concert Info, Practice Videos.


This year’s Finale for the Concert will be performed by all STAR and COMPANY students.  You will be learning this routine in your Choreography classes this month.  We are going to be wearing our Concert shirts over our costume. Preschoolers will also make a final bow!


Showtimes were emailed out a couple weeks ago.  They have also been posted to your family account. Please visit our WEBSITE PORTAL and login to your PARENT PORTAL. Click the navigator on the top left and select “view my performances”  

We have 2 days of shows.  Some of you may be performing in more than one show.  Please check your account and make sure you find ALL of your routines. 

  • Friday, June 18 Company Showcase
  • Saturday, June 19 Concert 10am Show, 11:30am Show, 1:00pm Show, 2:30pm Show

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Tickets go on sale on May 10th at 8 am, online ONLY.  

Tickets purchased through Hometown ticketing in advance are $13 plus handling fees.  Our box office link will follow in a separate email this week. 

Tickets purchased the day of the show will be $15 plus handling fees for any available seats. 

Seating is reserved; doors will remain closed until 30min before showtime.  No one ages 3 and older is admitted to the show without a ticket. Infants and children who may have a hard time remaining seated during the entire performance should not attend. 

If your family is performing in multiple shows on performance day, we will contact you in advance with special accommodations for your tickets. 


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(ONLY FOR THOSE PERFORMING IN JUNE 19 CONCERT, included in your performance package)

We are holding dress rehearsal and class pictures June 5th.  This event will take place at our Studio 56 West Murray location, 170 W Winchester St. Picture times have been posted to your family account. Please visit our WEBSITE PORTAL and login to your PARENT PORTAL. Click the navigator on the top left and select “view my performances”

Several of you are in more than one routine.  Please pay close attention to the times.  A packing list and online order link will follow prior to pictures.

Can dads and dancers have their picture taken?  YES, when registering your dancer you will add on the dad dance picture option.  They will get their picture taken when she is there for her group. Remember to bring your concert shirt and black bottoms for our dancer.  Dads will wear their concert shirt and Levi pants with tennis shoes. 


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We are excited to offer some concert gifts for your dancers.  Use this form to order WATER BOTTLES, FLOWERS, BACKPACKS, STICKERS, CANDY BOUQUETS, ROSES and LOVE NOTES. Payment is due at the time your order is placed. Orders are due by June 5th and will be available for pick up at the recital.


How amazing are our dance families!  We are honored to have so many wonderful dads signed up for this year’s Dad Dance! Thank you for being apart of these wonderful memories.  We want this to be a wonderful experience for everyone.  So, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call or email.

Rehearsals are held by age.  Preschool Dancers (dancers 2y-5years NOT in KND).  School-Aged Dancers.  If you have dancers in both age ranges, please look for your name on the list twice. Your first two rehearsals will be dads only! We will be teaching the bulk of the choreography to you before bringing in your kiddos.  

To create ample space and allow for social distancing we will be offering dad dance rehearsals in a couple of different formats.  *Please note that masks will be required for all in-person rehearsals.

  1. In-Person: You have been pre-assigned 2 in-person rehearsals.  Can’t make your in-person class? Let us know so we can open up your slot for another dad to join us. 
  2. Virtual: You have been pre-assigned 2 virtual rehearsals on zoom. Links can be accessed in your parent portal.
  3. Pre-Recorded: We have choreography pre-recorded and loaded to Dropbox.  Please practice at home.

HERE you can find the full schedule and all the details we have lined up for our dad dance.  

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May Stretch of the Month- Back/bridge  |  Strength Challenge- Burpees 

We are so excited this year to have a “stretch of the month” and a “strength challenge” in our acro/tumbling classes! Encourage your child to work on these skills at home to help them improve even faster!  Be more involved by printing off the at home practice tracker HERE.

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In MAY our theme is “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head.”  As April showers bring May flowers we will leap over rain puddles, while we dance in the rain! This month we are focusing on:  skips, leaps, 3 step turns, developing memory, paying attention, arabesque, 3rd position, self-confidence and contractions. We hope you can find time to review these elements with your dancer at home.  It is a great way to get EVERYONE moving!!