2020 November Newsletter


Thank you for continuing to follow the guidelines and helping us to remain a Safer Studio! Parent, thank you for symptom checking, keeping kids home if they are not well, and for your enhanced efforts to practice good hygiene. We appreciate everyone for doing their best to keep everyone healthy!

Salt County is currently in HIGH transmission status. This requires us to wear masks in classes. Kids are doing very well with this and we continue to be impressed with how resilient our students are. We will NOT be requiring students to keep their mask on during high-activity times when we are physically distanced. Please remind your dancer to leave their masks on so we can keep coming to learn in person. We recommend sending dancers with a lanyard to wear around their neck so they can keep their mask clean when they need to remove it for mask breaks and high-activity times when we are physically distanced.


  • Potty before class, especially preschoolers!
  • No underwear under your leotard. Tights are dancer’s underwear!
  • LATE! We have had a lot of latecomers and late pick-ups. It is very disruptive to our classes when you walk in late, not to mention unsafe for dancers to miss warming up.  Late pick-ups are preventing our next classes from starting on time. Thanks for your attention to this manner!


This month we are opening up our trial program to our currently enrolled students to offer you the option to try another style of class with us.  Have you been thinking about trying Hip Hop or Tumbling?  We would love to see you in the class!  CLICK HERE to join us for a complimentary class in a different style this month!


Fun bun week is Nov 2-6th!!!  Come to class with a fun bun or crazy hair (boys)!!!  Turn that bun into a masterpiece… Maybe it’s a spider or a one-eyed monster!!  We can’t wait to see your creations!


This year’s Christmas Charity Project is going to be even bigger than last year! We are gathering new pajamas and books to donate to those in need locally.  We will be sending out an email that can be forwarded to family and friends about our project.  Start bringing in your donations this month! Look for the donation box in our front lobbies.  Help us beat last year’s total of 1523 pajamas, 1631 books, and $8000!

We are going to open up our Scholastic book program to ALL of our dance families just in time to order books for the benefit concert.  Scholastic is an amazing resource with GREAT books at a GREAT price!!  You can order $1 books for our book drive and they will be shipped right to the studio.  Visit Scholastic Books HERE and take advantage of this convenient way to donate to our book drive.  Online orders are due by Friday, November 13th. 


Dance classes have begun learning their Holiday dance to show off at our first-ever virtual parent program! We’re looking forward to showing off what we’ve been working on in class during the last 15 minutes of class time. Watch for more details when this gets closer!


We want you to join us in our monthly strength and stretch challenge!  Each month we have a new challenge we are working on.  You can print it out and track your progress at home.  In the last week of the month, we will “test” our students in class and see if they can meet the goals for their age!    

CLICK HERE for this Month’s Challenge


We are excited to have a new section each month just for preschool dancers!  This month our theme is “E I E I O“.  We will be singing and dancing to fun barn animal songs while working on our routine for the holiday show. We encourage you to get involved and have them practice their skills at home!  This month we are focusing on marching and port de bra arms! 


With winter weather approaching, we need to remind you that we CANNOT have wet, salty, muddy shoes stepping onto our dance floor. Please carry your hip hop shoes into the studio and change into them before you enter the classroom.  You will be asked to dance with no shoes if you don’t have a dry pair! Thank you!


We have a calendar on the website!  Please refer to it for Holiday closures and studio events. If you use Google Calendar you can copy studio events directly into your calendar by clicking on the “add google calendar” in the bottom right corner of the calendar. https://studio56dance.com/portal/


Stay up to date on current events! Reminder texts are sent out for closures and special events.  Please make sure the primary phone number listed on your account is one that can receive texts.


The account you created online can be updated at any time. Log in on the website to update contact and billing information, register for new classes, and make payments. You can also reset your password at any time. https://studio56dance.com/portal/

Healthy Classrooms, Happy Kids

Today’s learning environments are more important than ever before, and dance is no exception! Whether your child is dancing in-person or online, the community they’re building and the connections they’re making are fulfilling important needs. Every child wants to feel like they belong and that they can accomplish great things—and dance helps bring this to life. 

In our classrooms at Studio 56 Dance Center we’re going the extra mile to create a safe environment that minimizes risk and maximizes joy! We’ve made changes to our in-person class structure, for example, to limit personal contact and keep more distance between students. Additionally, through our investment in technology, we’ve made it possible for any child to participate in class virtually if their family would prefer at-home learning.

The physical and mental well-being of our dancers is our top priority, and we are committed to providing an experience that supports both. While we can’t predict the future, we can provide a safe outlet of activity and self-expression—a way for our children to cope with their stresses and build their resilience muscles. We believe their health will be better for it!

Living in this new world means our dancers are already adapting to many changes in their lives, from wearing masks to limiting close contact with others. We want to remind them these changes are welcome and appreciated, so that we can all move forward in the safest way possible. We want them to know their efforts matter! This sense of teamwork among peers is just one example of how dance helps our kids make sense of our circumstances.

Not only that, our dancers are learning valuable lessons in how to express their emotions through movement. It can be complicated for a child to verbalize their feelings, and yet through dance, they have the opportunity to say with their body what can be challenging to articulate otherwise. We dance from our hearts first, and we believe every child deserves the chance to express themselves in this way.

We hope you’ll continue to see what a positive impact dance has on your child’s life throughout this year. At Studio 56 Dance Center, healthy classrooms—both in-person and online—equal happy kids. And we couldn’t be prouder to bring dance into our students’ lives during this important time.