Please review this brief overview of the policies found in the Studio 56 Dance Center Parent Guide. (You will be emailed a copy of the guide in your first few weeks of class.)

Submit the First-of-Year Form (Due by your first class.)


Studio 56 Dance Center maintains a dress code to create uniformity, minimize distractions, and allow the teacher to see how well students are implementing technique and give placement corrections. Students are expected to be in the dress code for every class. Hair and shoes are part of the dress code. Please review the dress code requirements for your child’s class. We understand that occasionally a dancer may be out of dress code due to unforeseen circumstances, and we encourage them to attend class anyway.


Studio Store: Studio 56 Dace offers dancewear and shoes for purchase. Visit the online store HERE or stop by the studio to get fitted for leotards, tights, ballet shoes, biker shorts, jazz shoes, dance bags, studio t-shirts, and more!


In an effort to maximize both instructional time and observational time, parent observation will be permitted for the entire class twice per year. Dates are noted on the event calendar. Other observations are at the teacher’s discretion. We ask that you observe quietly, that cell phones be turned off, and that siblings are monitored and quiet during observations.


Studio 56 Dance offers a variety of service options including private instruction, small group instruction, traditional classes, online instruction, and pre-recorded classes to meet the needs of students and staff as well as for the ability to maintain service continuity in any situation.


  • Studio 56 Dance Center reserves the right to reschedule or combine classes.
  • Studio 56 Dance Center reserves the right to provide a substitute or replacement teacher as deemed necessary.
  • Studio 56 Dance Center reserves the right to deliver class content via an online system if classes are not able to be conducted live for any reason including, but not limited to: weather, teacher absence, or governmental advisory.


Studio 56 Dance Center requires all staff and students to stay home when they are ill. To reduce the community spread of Coronavirus, we follow best practices and recommendations from our local health department and our industry associations. Studio 56 Dance Center focuses on a hierarchy of measures beginning with keeping ill people home, followed by frequent hand cleaning and good hygiene practices, amplified cleaning, and curricular and facility adaptations to minimize contact and mingling where possible. Classes are backed up on an online learning platform. In the event a class is unable to be held at the studio, classes will convert to an online learning platform until in-studio classes can resume.


School closures due to severe weather conditions will be emailed and announced on social media by 8 am for morning classes, and 2 pm for after-school classes. Please note that we do not necessarily follow school closings as roads are often cleared by the time studio classes begin. Any canceled classes may be made upon your own time from our regular schedule of in-person and online classes, based on availability. In the event that there is not a makeup class available, a replacement lesson will be scheduled.


To withdraw from classes, you must notify Studio 56 Dance Center by the 15th of the month to discontinue payment for the next month. To withdraw from class a parent must: 1) Email the studio, and 2) complete the official withdrawal form we email you. Automatic bank debiting or credit card charges will stop after the 15-day notice period. Tuition will not be refunded for classes dropped outside the 15-day window.


For your convenience, and to reserve a space for the following season, annual membership fees will be automatically renewed and applied to your account on May 1st unless a withdrawal form is completed before April 15.


Tuition, membership fees, class fees, and performance fees are not refundable for any reason. Refunds are only issued when we cancel a class due to low enrollment. Account credit will be issued to students who are deemed “unready” for classes. Studio 56 Dance Center does not give credit and/or refunds for class(es) missed due to holiday, vacations, illness, weather, etc. No refunds will be given if a similar online class is provided in place of an in-studio class.


Studio 56 Dance Center offers no refunds for students who are unable to attend class. Students who miss a class may have the opportunity to make it up with another similar class. Makeup classes are based on the availability of space in other classes and are not guaranteed. Please check with the office to determine the possibility of scheduling a make-up class. The class must be made up within one month of the class being missed. Four makeup classes are allowed per season.


At Studio 56 Dance Center we go to great lengths to keep you informed and up to date. Please read all newsletters and other school information.

  • Monthly Newsletter, Email, Website Calendar, Facebook, Instagram and Lobby Communication.
  • Join the Studio 56 Dance Student & Family Community group on Facebook to connect.
  • Questions – We are happy to answer any questions you have regarding your dancer or our programs. Let us know if we can help you in any way!


Please be punctual. We encourage students to arrive five minutes early so they can be ready to start when class begins.

For their safety, children should be picked up immediately after class. A $10 fee may be charged for every five minutes a child is late being picked up.

Parking lot safety: There are a lot of people coming and going when classes begin and end. As such, please enter and exit our parking lot with extreme caution. Never park your vehicle in any area that is not a designated parking space. Please do not allow siblings to play in the parking lot.


Monthly tuition does not include the annual membership fee, dancewear, shoes, performances, costumes, recital tickets, or special events.

  • Tuition, fees, and performance payments are non-refundable Studio 56 Dance Center does not give credit and/or refunds for class(es) missed due to holiday, vacation, illness, weather, etc.
  • A $45 membership fee per student or $70 membership fee per family is due annually each season for September-June.
  • Tuition rates are for the full season (September-June, including studio holidays), not by the number of classes in a month. A full season includes a minimum of 34 weeks. Tuition fees are monthly or annually.
  • Tuition and account balances will be processed on the 1st of each month. I hereby authorize Studio 56 Dance Center to initiate electronic payments for the balances due on my account.
  • Studio 56 Dance Center does not accept checks.
  • I understand that performance fees will be added to my account upon receiving my consent to participate.
  • I understand that the payment amounts may vary as classes are added/dropped and as other charges/payments are applied to my account. I will pay the charges incurred by me at the posted prices, including any applicable taxes, fees, and penalties.
  • Annual membership fees will be automatically renewed and applied to my account on May 1st for the following season unless a withdrawal form is completed by April 15th.
  • To withdraw from classes, you must notify Studio 56 Dance Center by the 15th of the month to discontinue payment for the next month. To withdraw from class, I must complete the official withdrawal form via email. Automatic bank debiting or credit card charges will stop after the 15-day notice period. Tuition will not be refunded for classes dropped outside the 15-day window.
  • Should I dispute a charge through my financial institution, this will constitute a breach of contract possibly resulting in, but not limited to, penalties, additional fees, collection legal action, and/or termination of any and/or all current and future services.


  • Siblings receive a $5 monthly discount on tuition.
  • Dancers are encouraged to take advantage of our multi-class discounts for maximum progress and value.


  • On the 2nd of the month, a $25 late fee will automatically be added to the tuition amount of those accounts with an inactive or declined card.
  • Accounts 30 days past due are subject to an accruing 5% monthly finance charge until paid. Accounts more than 60 days past due may be submitted to collection services and dismissed from the studio.
  • In the event payment under this agreement is not made at the time and in the manner required, the undersigned agrees to pay all cost of collection, including court cost, attorney fees, including charges and collection agency fees which would be 35% of the balance assigned, with or without suit.


Performances are an exciting part of our program!  A big part of dance training includes learning through performance. These experiences help build self-esteem and confidence, retention skills, and more! Our June Recital offers our students a professionally-directed performance that allows them to present the results of a year’s hard work, dedication, and progress to their family and friends. Students perform in each of the styles of dance they train in.

You must turn in a consent to participate in June Concertl. Participation consents are due by December 15th. Both consents are on the registration waiver and can be turned in to your teacher or submitted online.

Payment Schedules: 

  • Choose 7 monthly installments (Dec-Jun) or 1 installment on Dec. 1st.

The June Concert package includes everything you need for a successful performance. We feel this eliminates surprise expenses and makes for a much more enjoyable recital experience.  The Performance package includes:

  • Costume purchase
  • Recital fee (one per family)
  • Professional Video (one per family)
  • Professional Recital class picture (not included in Toddler package)
  • Recital t-shirt
  • Tights (for preschool and Stars dancers only)
  • Accessory or hair piece
  • Dress Rehearsal “Good Luck” gift
  • Recital participation award

TUMBLING EXHIBITION: Our Tumbling Exhibition in June offers students an opportunity to shine in front of family and friends. They will anticipate this evening with nervous excitement as they prepare to show off the results of a year’s hard work, dedication, and progress. The Exhibition will give each class 20 minutes of demonstration time. Each group will demonstrate skills together as a class, and each student will get to showcase a few of their favorite “harder” tricks with their instructor’s supervision. At the conclusion of their class demonstration, tumblers will receive an award and can take pictures with their teachers and supporters.

Free admission

Costumes: The Tumbling Exhibition costume is the recital shirt and shorts.


Bring-a-Friend Week: The last week in September and the last week in January is “Bring-a-Friend Week.” Students in select classes will be invited to bring a friend (similar in age) to experience a fun class designed for them and their guests. Students’ friends attend class free of charge during this week.

Summer Program and Camps: Each summer, Studio 56 Dance Center offers summer programs and camps for both current and new students.  A complete brochure of all summer programs will be distributed in January. We suggest early registration as these programs do sell out, especially the camps. For more details, please visit the SUMMER PAGE.

Studio Rental: The studio is available for rental for meetings, rehearsals, and other activities. Tables, chairs, sound systems, and microphones are also available upon request. Whether you’re planning a one-time, weekly, or monthly event, give us a call to determine whether we can accommodate your group or activity.
Birthday Parties: We offer several birthday party options for both boys and girls. Parties are themed and can be dance-related or not. Most birthday parties are scheduled for Friday or Saturday afternoons or on Sundays; however, limited space is available during the week.  Please contact the office for a complete brochure or visit the BIRTHDAY PARTIES page on the website for details. 

WELCOME TO STUDIO 56 DANCE CENTER! We look forward to an exciting, rewarding season with you!