Please know lots and LOTS of thought from all judges and teachers went into our decisions for company team placements. We have the best interest in mind for EVERY one of our dancers. We want them to grow, be challenged, develop lasting friendships within their group, and with all company dancers. We are confident we have placed each dancer on a team best fit for them to have a positive experience.  We have a great year planned and are so glad you will be joining us on this amazing journey!

Now that you’re here, the 24-hour blackout period has begun. You can post your exciting news for all to see tomorrow at this time! Tag @studio56dance and use hashtags #growjoy #spreadjoy #whereeveryoneshines #wedancewithstudio56dance because we want to celebrate with you!

Visit our Instagram story tomorrow to see who else is on your team! 

As noted in the audition form, audition results are FINAL.  If we need to make any adjustments to groupings we will do so based on what we SEE developmentally throughout the season.  Keep working.  We are preparing dancers for real-world experiences.  Thank you for putting your trust in us as professionals that sincerely have every dancer’s best interest in mind.

“What if we’re out of town for summer intensive?” We realize there may be conflicts for family vacations. If you haven't already, please email us now to excuse your dancer from intensive. We will send you a make-up option for missing that week.

Summer Class Attire:

      • Freestyle, but ballet appropriate! Leotard, tights, ballet shoes

      • Tights must be in clean/good condition

      • Pink ballet shoes, jazz shoes, tennis shoes (dancers without jazz shoes will go bare feet until their new shoes get here)

      • Hair in a tight bun using bobby pins and a hair net (tutorial HERE)

New skills and choreography will be taught during boot camp and it is imperative that we have good attendance. Teams will be working with our staff and guest teachers on learning routines for the season.

FIRST OF YEAR MEETING: Monday, August 28th

A parent of every dancer is required to attend this meeting on Zoom. We will be reviewing company handbooks and calendars, and going over the year’s expectations/requirements for our company families. This is a mandatory company meeting that will ensure we are able to have a successful year together!

6pm Performing Company Teams
Meeting ID: 830 8647 1397
Password: growjoy

Financial Breakdown:

July 1 Payment Overview:

      • Summer Intensive (July 10-13) for $170 and the Company Dancer Kit of $200 (plus tax)

August 1 Payment Overview:

      • Summer Technique/Boot Camp $72, team fee deposit for $200, and the first of year order for new members (company jacket $110-130, bag $85-90, makeup/earrings $70-80)

Sept 1-May 1 Payment Overview: 
Please pardon our dust as we anxiously await the grand opening of our new building!  This season we will have two tuition scales:

"Dusty" Tuition: prior to our Grand Opening

"Shiny" Tuition: following our Grand Opening
      • Monthly tuition "Dusty" $208, "Shiny" $259.25
      • Team fees for $150.50 (process on the 16th)

June 1, 2024 Payment Overview:

      • Team fees for $150.50 and remaining balance of contingency credit will be returned

Performance shoes and tights are not included in program fees – These will be due either October 1st or November 1st after choreography and costuming is set. This could include jazz shoes, character shoes, hip hop shoes ($60-$95), etc.

What do you need to do next?

  1. ACCEPT your COMPANY invitation by logging in and viewing your class schedule and checking out!

    • Access the company portal for all thing pertaining to company! password: findjoy
    • Login to the parent portal HERE.
    • View your new company class schedules by selecting "View All My Classes" in the top left navigation. Your dancer has automatically been registered for:
      • Summer Intensive classes (July 10-13)
      • Choreography Boot Camp classes (August 28-31) Check back after July 15th for days and times.
      • Fall classes (starting Sept 5)
    • Check out and process a payment for:
      • Discounted registration/membership fee $30/60
      • Summer Intensive (July 10-13) for $170
      • Company Dancer Kit of $200 (plus tax).
  2. Submit the Following:
  3. Join the Facebook Group for Company Families
  4. Join both the Mini and Mini Elite GroupMes

Dancers need to be registered and submit all 1st of year forms NO LATER than June 30 5pm.

If you have questions about any of this information, please don't hesitate to email.  All dancers did great at auditions and we are looking forward to a WONDERFUL year! Again, congratulations on all your hard work! We can’t wait to see you at the Summer intensive!

Studio 56 Dance Center's Two Murray Locations:

170 W Winchester St Murray, Utah
700 East 5600 South Murray, Utah