CONGRATULATIONS! As a member of the Collective Company, we expect greatness from you! Collective is an intermediate/advanced program for dancers to better develop their skills and expand their opportunities as artists and performers.

Dancer Development:

We believe dancers need to be given opportunities to experience different roles within a classroom. There are three stages to dancer’s progress in any class: a building stage, a developing stage, and a mastery stage.

We think it is very important for children to experience being in each stage during their dance journey. There is a benefit to being at the lower end of the ability level in a class (the building stage) because they are pushing themselves to keep up with stronger dancers and a desire to attain mastery of the skills they are learning. There is also an important factor to being in classes where a dancer is on the stronger end of the spectrum (mastery stage) because it is giving them a chance to solidify technique and to know what mastery feels like. Other benefits to reaching a mastery role within a classroom include building confidence, being able to shine, developing leadership skills, and many more. When a dancer is able to experience mastery, they are more likely to be hungry and driven to achieve more when they are in the building stage of another class. Dancers will be given the opportunity to regularly experience all stages of the progression spectrum as collective members.

Technique Classes:

Everyone in Collective programs will have a customized training schedule that best fits their needs for maximized growth. You may be in technique classes with different dancers depending on how we’ve arranged class groups each day. To encourage dancers to focus on their own progress instead of comparing themselves to others, we are not assigning levels this year.

*We are transitioning to a new registration software. We will email out personalized schedules by July 5 for summer and fall after we get it set up.

Routine Casting:

Routine casting is separate from technique placement. Organizing the collective routine cast list is based on many factors such as technique level, artistry, as well as what we feel will best benefit you on your dancing journey. You might find your casting provides you a balance of routines based on the development model above.

Collective dancers may not be with the same dancers in all routines. The group of dancers in your jazz routine may be different than your other routines. All Collective dancers will be selected for 3 core routines. Dancers can be chosen for “optional” team routines but are not guaranteed placement in any more than 3 routines.

Casting will include Collective, and Fusion dancers intermingled for some routines.

All routine placements are final.


Your character and conduct are more important than the “name” of your Company Team or the routines your cast in.  If you earned your “dream spot,” be humble and sensitive to others who are still working on their goals.  If you didn’t make the progress you had hoped for, it’s time to dig in, work hard and accept your position with determination and grit.  We are happy to help you with creating a plan for improvement.

Congratulations! Being on Collective means:

    • You will be attending classes 3 days per week.
    • You will be personally selected for 3 routines, with the opportunity to be selected for 1-2 additional “optional” routines. (Optional routines and extra technique classes may add an extra day per week.)
    • You will compete all routines at 2 convention competitions and 3 local competitions.
    • You will have 4-6 additional performance opportunities throughout the year.
    • You will attend 2 conventions: Adrenaline (Feb 13-15) & Revive (Feb 27-Mar 1) in Provo.
    • You will attend Summer Intensive July 15-19.
    • You will attend at least four Summer Technique Tuesday classes (June 25, July 9, 23, 30, August 13, 20).
    • You will attend Summer Dance Challenge August 5-6.
    • You will learn some choreography during Boot Camp August 5-19 & August 26-31. Other choreography dates/times between July-December will be announced with audition results.
    • You will perform in the Company Showcase and Concert in May.


    • COMING SOON, will be emailed with class schedule


Dancers will be fitted for all first of year attire during summer intensive. One parent is required to attend and size for all dancewear orders.

    • COMING SOON, will be emailed with class schedule


    • Monday, Aug 5, 4-9pm @ Expressions Dance in Bountiful
    • Tuesday, Aug 6, 4-9pm @ Expressions Dance in Bountiful

BOOT CAMP SCHEDULE: August 5-10 & Aug 26-Sept 1

Choreography will be taught during boot camp and it is imperative that we have good attendance. Teams will be working with our staff and guest teachers on learning routines for the season. See cast list for choreography schedule.


Select at least FOUR dates your dancer will attend. Confirm your dancers time in your parent portal.

    • Tuesdays, June 25, July 9, 23, 30 CC1 10:30-1:30 & Collective 9:30-12:30
    • Tuesdays, Aug 13, 20 CC1 5:00-8:00 & Collective 6:00-9:00

“What if we’re out of town for summer intensive?” We realize there may be conflicts for family vacations. If you haven't already, please email us now to excuse your dancer from intensive. We will send you a make-up option for missing that week.

Summer Class Attire:

      • Freestyle, but ballet appropriate! Leotard, tights, ballet shoes

      • Tights must be in clean/good condition

      • Pink ballet shoes, jazz shoes, tennis shoes (dancers without jazz shoes will go bare feet until their new shoes get here)

      • Hair in a tight bun using bobby pins and a hair net (tutorial HERE)

FIRST OF YEAR MEETING: Monday, August 26, 6:30pm

A parent of every dancer is required to attend this meeting on Zoom. We will be reviewing company handbooks, calendars, and going over the year’s expectations/requirements for our company families. This is a mandatory company meeting that will ensure we are able to have a successful year together!

FALL SCHEDULE: Begins Tuesday, September 3

Beginning June 30th, check your new parent portal and click on “Students”, “My Weekly Schedule”, then scroll ahead to September to see your personalized class schedule beginning September 3rd.

    • We are transitioning to a new registration software. We are excited about the new features and the simplicity for our families this new system will provide and appreciate your patience as we finish building it out. Your personalized schedule will be viewable in the Parent Portal by July 5 as we get every dancer registered for their personalized schedule. When it's complete, you'll get a separate email with your schedule will be attached.

Summer Socials & Team Building:

Our summer Socials are a fantastic opportunity for our dancers and families to connect, have fun, and build lasting memories. Let's celebrate the season together—your presence will make it special! Don't miss out on the chance to strengthen our dance community. See you there!

    • Mon, July 15th, 5:00-7:00pm: Company Team Party @ Mountain View Splash Pad
    • Tues, July 23, 5:50-8pm: Swim Social @ Cherry Hill



    • Monday: Team leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, hair in bun
    • Tuesday & Wednesday: Black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, hair in bun
    • Thursday & Friday: Any color leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, hair in bun


    • Leotard, pink tights, bikers or leggings, jazz or tap shoes
    • Hair in bun

Hip Hop:

    • Athletic top, leggings/athletic pants, sneakers
    • Hair in secure ponytail or bun

Extra rehearsals:

    • Black fitted dancewear, correct shoes for the routine
    • Hair in secure ponytail or bun

Tuition and Company Payment Breakdown:

    • By July 1:

      • $30: Membership fee
      • $290: Summer Intensive (July 15-19)
      • $350: Team Fee Deposit
      • First of Year Order
    • August 1:

      • $290: Technique Tuesdays/Boot Camp/Summer Dance Challenge
      • $250: Company Dancer Kit for 2024-25 (team gear & team uniform)
      • First Team Fee Payment (see amount below)
    • Sept-Apr 1: Tuition (8 payments)
      • Tuition amount will be viewable by July 5 in the new parent portal.

    • August-May 16: Team Fees (10 payments)

      • 3 Routines: $250/month
    • May 16:

      • Any remaining balance from Contingency Deposit will be credited


    • Shoes and Tights for Performances: not included in program fees – Due either October 1st or November 1st after choreography and costuming is set. This could include jazz shoes, character shoes, hip hop shoes ($60-$95), etc.

    • Team Pics & Headhots: $50-$150 in Oct/Nov

    • Industry Guest Choreography

    • Solo, duo or trio routine fees (optional)

For a detailed financial breakdown, visit the program information page

What do you need to do next?

  1. Accept your company invitation by logging in and viewing your class schedule and checking out!

    • Go to your parent portal HERE psw: youmatter
    • Process a payment for:
      • Discounted registration/membership fee
      • Summer intensive tuition
  2. Submit the first-of-year forms due by July 1 @ 12pm:
  3. Join the Facebook Group for Company Families
  4. Join your team chat on GroupMe HERE
  5. Watch for a "class confirmation" email from us with your full summer & fall schedule by July 5th.
  6. Apply for a specialty routine (solo, duo, trio) HERE

Dancers need to be registered and submit all first-of-year forms NO LATER than July 1 at noon.

If you have questions about any of this information, please don't hesitate to email.  All dancers did great at auditions and we are looking forward to a WONDERFUL year! Again, congratulations on all your hard work! We can’t wait to see you at technique classes and summer intensive!

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