This intermediate/advanced level company is designed to be a complementary program to help dancers continue to grow technically & artistically while also participating in a school dance program. High School Fusion Company dancers are offered all the opportunities as our Collective Company, but since they have a shared commitment between school and studio, our expectations are lighter. These students are actively participating in 10-20 hours per week in a dance program at their school and attending classes with Collective Company 2-3 days per week. They will be expected to communicate well with our company director and their high school coaches. We are committed to working together with the schools to provide this opportunity for our dancers to continue learning in the studio.

High School Fusion Collective Expectations:

      • Work hard in class with no behavior difficulties
      • Will attend 2 conventions with Collective Company
      • Dancers must maintain a minimum of 75% attendance in their studio classes during the year.
      • Maintain exceptional communication with the Company Director on any conflicts due to participating in their High School Dance Team

Being a member of Fusion Collective Company means:

      • You will attend classes 2-3 days per week.
      • You will be personally selected for 1-3 routines.
      • You will compete all routines at 2 convention competitions and 3 local competitions.
      • You will have 4-6 additional performance opportunities throughout the year.
      • You will attend 2 conventions (Adrenaline & Revive).
      • You will attend Summer Intensive July 10-13
      • You will attend Summer Dance Challenge August 7-9
      • You will attend at least two Summer Technique Tuesday classes (July 18, 25, August 1, 15, 22).
      • You will learn some choreography during Boot Camp August 7-12, August 28-31. Other choreography dates/times between July-December will be announced with audition results.
      • You will perform in the Company Showcase and Concert in June.
      • All Fusion Collective routines will compete at National Dance Honors in Las Vegas, Nevada. Classes and competitions will be held each day starting on Saturday, June 29, and ending on Thursday, July 4, 2024.

Attendance Expectation:

We believe the discipline of dance training gives young people a better understanding of commitment through learning, experiencing the spirit of teamwork, and discovering what they can accomplish through hard work. Company dancers are expected to have at least 90% attendance at all classes and rehearsals. If a dancer is below 75% attendance, they will be removed from performances until their attendance returns to over 75%. Dancers should be on time to all classes, dress rehearsals, dance conventions, competitions and performances.

Dancer Development:

We believe dancers need to be given opportunities to experience different roles within a classroom. There are three stages to dancer’s progress in any class: a building stage, a developing stage, and a mastery stage.

We think it is very important for children to experience being in each stage during their dance journey. There is a benefit to being at the lower end of the ability level in a class (the building stage) because they are pushing themselves to keep up with stronger dancers and a desire to attain mastery of the skills they are learning. There is also an important factor to being in classes where a dancer is on the stronger end of the spectrum (mastery stage) because it is giving them a chance to solidify technique and to know what mastery feels like. Other benefits to reaching a mastery role within a classroom include building confidence, being able to shine, developing leadership skills, and many more. When a dancer is able to experience mastery, they are more likely to be hungry and driven to achieve more when they are in the building stage of another class. Dancers will be given the opportunity to regularly experience all stages of the progression spectrum as collective members.

Technique Levels:

Dancers will receive a placement for Collective technique classes ranging from Level 1-6. This placement is based on ability level, while also considering work ethic and commitment. Everyone in Collective programs will have a customized training schedule that best fits their needs for maximized growth.

It is not uncommon for a dancer to stay at the same technique level for more than one year, and does not mean they are not progressing.

Routine Casting:

Routine casting is separate from level placement. Organizing the collective routine cast list is based on many factors such as technique level, artistry, as well as what we feel will best benefit you on your dancing journey. You might find your casting provides you a balance of routines based on the development model above.

Collective dancers may not be with the same dancers in all routines. The group of dancers in your jazz routine may be different than your other routines. All Collective dancers will be selected for 3 core routines. Dancers can be chosen for “optional” team routines but are not guaranteed placement in any more than 3 routines.

Casting will include Collective, and Fusion dancers intermingled for some routines.

All routine placements are final.

Fusion Collective Company Financial Breakdown:

Yearly Team Fees (Company Payments):

      • Team Fee deposit is due August 1 for $350
      • The balance after the deposit is amortized over 10 months from Sept-June, due on the 1st with tuition
        • 1 Routine: $206
        • 2 Routines: $270
        • 3 Routines: $334
      • The Monthly Company Fee covers two weekend conventions (Adrenaline & Revive), costume(s), competition fees for routine(s) at two convention competitions (Adrenaline & Revive) & three local competitions, guest teacher master classes, Company Critique, end of year showcase & recital, team fees and Nationals fees.
      • The Monthly Company Team Fees do not cover tuition, membership fee, summer intensive, Summer Dance Challenge/Boot Camp, team gear, team warmups, team bag, industry guest choreography, nationals, makeup, earrings, shoes and tights needed for competition.

Commitment Deposit/Contingency Fund: $100 due June 1

      • The commitment deposit is non-refundable. It confirms you fully intend to commit to a team and agree to the cost and time commitment involved. It also confirms you trust your dancer’s best interest is the top-priority of our instructors and will not question team placements. We are professionals who care about your child and want them to enjoy dance for many years to come.
      • The deposit is a contingency fund and will cover any unexpected costs related to your dancer’s program during the year. We cannot always anticipate increases in competition fees or other expenses at the first of the year since next year’s prices haven’t been disclosed. Money not used during the year will be credited back to your account June 1.

Mandatory Summer Intensive:

      • Cost: $270 due July 1
      • Date: July 10-13
      • Summer class schedule will be released with audition results

Ropes Course- Team Building:

      • Cost: $20-30 due July 1
      • Date: July 11, Teen/Sr 10-1pm, July 12 Junior Collective 10-12pm
      • Address: UofU
      • Register in Parent Portal under “Special Events”

Mandatory Summer Dance Challenge & Technique Tuesdays

      • Cost: $290, due August 1
      • Technique Tuesdays: July 18, 25, August 1, 15, 22
        • Must attend at least 2, can attend as many as you want at no additional cost
      • Summer Dance Challenge: August 7-9
      • Summer class schedule will be released with audition results

Membership Fee $30 due July 1 (discounted)

Monthly Tuition

      • Starts at 5 hrs per week ($184/month)
      • Tuition is due on the 1st from September-May
      • The cost of monthly tuition is figured by using the Tuition Scale. After audition results are posted, you can find your tuition amount in your Parent Portal by clicking “View Financial History” and scrolling to September.

Fusion Collective Industry Guest Choreography

      • Advanced collective dancers may have the opportunity to be placed in a routine choreographed by a nationally recognized instructor.
      • A one-time premium choreography fee will be charged to account the week after the dance is completed. This can include flight, hotel, and a per diem for food. This is separate from team fees.
      • Dates: TBA, choreography may be taught during the months of August-December
      • Cost ranges from $150-$250 per routine

Master Classes (included in Team Payments)

      • Fusion Collective dancers are required to attend master classes hosted by the studio throughout the year. Anytime we bring an industry guest in for choreography, we try to arrange a master class with them.

Specialty Routine (Solo, Duo, Trio)

      • Solos, duos, and trios are a great experience for many dancers and a big additional commitment.
      • To be eligible to apply, dancers must have demonstrated a commitment to dance and fulfilled their obligations as a dedicated teammate for a minimum of one year.
      • Not all applicants will be chosen for a solo/duo/trio routine every year. There are many factors that go into the decisions for approving solos, duos, and trios. If we feel you could benefit by supplementing your training this year with a solo, duo, or trio, you'll be approved. If we feel there are other avenues best suited for your growth and progress as a dancer this year, we'll help you know what those are so you can continue on the best path for your dance journey.
      • Applications will be sent out with team placements.

Nationals in Las Vegas

      • All Collective routines will compete at National Dance Honors. Classes and competitions will be held daily starting on Saturday, June 29, and ending on Thursday, July 4, 2024.
      • Nationals fees are included in the company yearly team fees.
      • The Company yearly team fees cover Nationals competition fees for one routine, convention fee, coaches fee, June rehearsals (10+ hours per week for 2 weeks during the two weeks before Nationals), and the team Nationals spirit wear. (The optional routine price already includes Nationals entry.)
      • Nationals payments do not cover hotel, travel, food, etc.

Collective Payment Overview for 2023-24:

June 2023 (finishing last year’s season):

      • Monthly Tuition (12 of 12)
      • Monthly Team Fees (10 of 10)

June 2023 (starting new season):

      • $45: Auditions
      • $100: Commitment Deposit/Contingency Fund (unused amount credited back on June 1)


      • $30: Registration/Membership (discounted)
      • $200: Company Dancer Kit for 2023-24 (team leo, fall performance gear, etc)
      • $270: Summer Intensive


      • First of Year Order:
        • Company Jacket: Due August 1st, $110-130 (if new to program)
        • Team Bag: Due August 1st, $85-90 (if new to program)
        • Competition Makeup and Earrings: $70-80 - Due August 1st (if new to program)
      • $30-$290: Summer Dance Challenge/Technique Tuesdays
      • $350: Company Team Fees Deposit


      • Monthly Tuition (due Sept-May)
      • Monthly Team Fees (10 payments, due Sept-June)

June 2024:

      • Final Monthly Team Fee Payment (10 payments, due Sept-June)
      • Contingency Credit ($100 deposit, any remaining balance is credited back)
      • Company Team Fees Deposit for 2024-25 (ranges from $350)
      • Monthly Team Fees for 2024-25 will be 10 payments, due Aug-May


      • Shoes and Tights for Performances: not included in program fees – Due either October 1st or November 1st after choreography and costuming is set. This could include jazz shoes, character shoes, hip hop shoes ($60-$95), etc.
      • Action Shots (optional): $50-$150 in April/May

Studio 56 Dance Center's Two Murray Locations:

170 W Winchester St Murray, Utah
700 East 5600 South Murray, Utah