We would be delighted to have you dance with us next week!  It's one of our favorite weeks of the year.  We love being able to share how much fun we have in class with our friends.

Here is everything you need to know:

  1. What should I wear for class? Anything comfortable that your child can bend, move and stretch in!  If they do own dance attire, they are welcome to wear it, but it isn't required.
  2. Can I send my child to class with their friend? Yes, as long as you've completed the release form before the class!
  3. Can I watch the class? For bring a friend week, you’ll be given a trial card and invited to watch through the window the last 10 minutes of class. If you do plan on peeking in, please leave other siblings at home.  This will help minimize distractions and give your dancer the best possible experience.
  4. Get the class added to your calendar and we’ll see you soon!

Fill out the release form here: 

Studio 56 Dance Center's Two Murray Locations:

170 W Winchester St Murray, Utah
700 East 5600 South Murray, Utah