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Our Classes

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Classes for Ages 1 to 3


Dancing in Diapers

Designed for babies and their parent/caregiver. Babies have so much fun exploring music and movement as soon as they can walk!

Tiny Tots

Toddlers will have so much fun as they begin to explore movement and rhythm! Caregivers participate in classes for the first part of the year as dancers transition into being on their own with the instructor.


Classes for Ages 3 to 5


Preschool Dance

Designed especially for preschoolers and sure to be your child’s favorite time of the week! This class enhances gross motor development while cultivating listening skills, musicality, and creativity. It also features new, fun themes every month!

Preschool Tumbling

An introduction to tumbling, this class will motivate your child to move, bend, balance, stretch, and EXCEL while simultaneously stimulating and developing motor skills, strength, coordination, and awareness through movement on the mats.


Classes for School Aged Dancers


STARS Program

This is a ballet/jazz combo program for dancers K-12th. Students in this class will build a solid foundation in basic dance skills, develop self-esteem, and improve their dance technique within a challenging and positive environment.

Hip Hop/Boys Club

Our hip hop classes are super athletic, super upbeat and super fun! FOR BOYS AND GIRLS! Dancers will perform once a year at Spring and are invited to add a STARS or tumbling class to their schedules.


This 12-level program will help dancers learn the necessary exercises to technically master tumbling skills commonly used in dance, such as aerials, back handsprings, aerial walkovers, and layouts; while simultaneously developing the confidence to safely and beautifully perform these skills on a stage or hard floor—away from tumbling mats.

Fast Track

Want to focus on improving in certain styles? Add a Fast Track Class. By enrolling in our Fast Track classes, kids are able to improve at a faster rate because of the extra class. Dancers must be enrolled in another class of the same style during the week.


Classes for Adults


Adult Hip Hop and Jazz

This program is for dancers aged 18 and over who want to get up and MOVE..  This class is designed to make you want to move your body.  High energy, challenging choreography and down right FUN!  Once a week you can escape your daily stress and come dance with us. Learn the latest moves from MTV music videos and bring a friend. All levels are welcome.  Adult dance classes are once a week for one hour each available genre.


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