2021 February Newsletter

Studio 56 is sponsoring Hearts for Hunger!!  We are collecting non-perishable food for the Murray Children’s Food Pantry!  Bring your items into either the East or West Murray studio Feb 1-14th!  Show us how BIG YOUR HEART is!!

Each Genre at the studio is going to focus on collecting a certain item. 

  • Preschool Age Students: Oatmeal Packets 
  • STAR Students: Cans of Chicken or Tuna Fish
  • Hip Hop and Boys Students: Packets of Ramen
  • Tumbling Students: Canned Fruit or Vegetables 
  • Company Students: Jars of Peanut Butter

We are now accepting registration for Fall 2021-22 preschool! The benefit to our preschool is that it INCLUDES our dance and tumbling classes! Get it all done in one! There is no reason to sign up for separate dance, tumbling, and preschool programs! We offer it all and have the BEST TEACHERS around! Little Learners ignites a child’s mind and awakens a passion for learning and movement that will last a lifetime. www.littlelearnersutah.com

Don’t miss out on the chance to twirl your little lady on the dance floor! Fathers, grandfathers, and uncles are invited to spend a magical evening with their little princess. Don’t forget to dress to impress for the photo booth!

  • Ballroom class!
  • Dessert station!
  • Photo Booth!

$15 per couple

$5 for additional daughters (email office to add on a sibling)

Pre-registration is preferred

Sign up here: Go to the parent portal select enroll in a class, pick the Workshop/Special Event season, follow the prompts.  Space is limited this year due to COVID. We just opened up another time slot!

We will be celebrating Valentine’s Day in classes the week of Feb 8-12th. Come dressed in red, pink, and purple dancewear all week!  


We cannot provide proper feedback if we cannot see the alignment of our dancers. Please help us to run an upscale program by sending your child to class in the right attire and proper hair.  STARS reminder that you are required to wear your class outfit each week and your hair in a bun.

The last week of every month is FREEstyle for STAR classes.  This means you can wear whatever color of dance attire as long as it is appropriate for the class (Leo and tights ONLY for ballet).

Preschool parents please remember those important ballet shoes… It is NOT safe for your dancer to be in her tights.  If shoes are forgotten you will be asked to have your child barefoot.

View a class overview of attire here.


PLEASE remember to send your child in with a pair of street shoes… We want to keep those ballet shoes looking new and protect our floor!  Hip Hop students that do not have proper footwear will be asked to take class barefoot for safety. classes! 

February Stretch of the Month- Straddle  |  Strength Challenge- Bridge

We are so excited this year to have a “stretch of the month” and a “strength challenge” in our acro/tumbling classes! Encourage your child to work on these skills at home to help them improve even faster!  Be more involved by printing off the at-home practice tracker HERE.


In February our theme is “Me and My Teddy.”  Each class will be focused on spreading kindness and joy. This month we are focusing on:  hopping on one foot, developing rhythm, waiting our turn, Boogie, Twist & Rock’n roll, Tendu, Saute jumps. We hope you can find time to review these elements with your dancer at home.  It is a great way to get EVERYONE moving!! 

To celebrate Valentine’s Day our preschool dancers and tumblers will be having “Bring a Teddy Bear Day” the week of Feb 8-12th. So grab your snuggly friend and bring him to class.  Moms, please help us out this day by remembering Mr. Teddy Bear, he is very important to the lesson plan.  We will use him in preschool dance and tumbling!


We would like to invite all of our Preschool Dancers that are going to be attending Kindergarten in Sept of 2021 to join us for TUTU TESTING.  Come show off everything you know and earn a TUTU for TERRIFIC TENDUS and more!   

When:            Friday, March 19 at 6 or 6:30 pm 

Where:          West Murray Studio 

Cost:              $10/dancer and will process at the time of registration, please proceed through the pay page 

Sign up here: Go to the parent portal select enroll in a class, pick the Workshop/Special Event season, follow the prompts.


Come TEST your flexibility…  We are holding an event to help our dancers track their flexibility.  Dancers will be required to demonstrate wall straddle stretch as well as right and left splits.  Dancers will receive a key chain tracker to help them mark their progression.

When:            Friday March 19 @ 6 and 6:30pm

Where:          West Murray Studio 

Cost:  $5/dancer will process at the time of registration, please proceed through the pay page 

Sign up here: Go to the parent portal  select enroll in a class, pick the Workshop/Special Event season, follow the prompts

This week on our Instagram page we announced our concert theme for our 20th Anniversary show.  Drumroll…. BELIEVE, The Show Must Go On! Save the date, the concert is June 19-20th!!

Preparations are well underway for our June Concert. Costumes have been ordered for all dancers that have turned in their consent form. Time is running out for us to guarantee we can get your dancer a costume.  So, DON’T WAIT!!  The consent form can be found by visiting the portal on our website and clicking the concert icon. 

We will start learning routines on the first of March.  At this time we need all the parent support we can get.  Please be practicing with your child at home and be involved in what is going on in class. 

Have questions about the concert?  Ask us!  You won’t want to miss it!


We want to see who has read to the end of this email. Reply and let us know your favorite things about Studio 56 Dance Center. We are using your responses for a project we are working on! Thanks for your feedback!


    • 1-14 Hearts for Hunger Food Drive
    • 6 – Daddy Daughter Valentines Ball
    • 8-12 Valentines Week, PS Dance/Tumble Teddy Bear week!
    • 19 – Tutu Testing and Stretch Testing
  • MAY
  • JUNE
    • 9 – Tumbling Exhibition
    • 18-19 Concert Day

How Dance is Shaping Social-Emotional Growth

You hear a lot these days about social-emotional development in children, especially how important it is for building empathy and meaningful relationships. Social-emotional skills equip our kids with the tools they need to manage their emotions, make friends, and connect to other people on a deeper level. It’s a crucial foundation to their whole health—and a challenge in today’s world of virtual classrooms and masks!

But it’s a challenge that can still be met, particularly here at Studio 56 Dance Center. A dancer’s learning environment plays a key role in this growth; it gives them an opportunity to build confidence in these skills while simultaneously building their physical skills. Their hearts, minds, and bodies are literally working together.

Here are just a few highlights of how we’re helping your children with their social-emotional building blocks:

  • Working together as a team. Although we now physically distanced (and sometimes completely distanced, via remote learning) teamwork is still a key part of the class experience. For example, with our younger dancers, we emphasize taking turns and cheering each other on. With our more experienced dancers, rhythmic timing and transitions depend heavily on cues from each other. All of our dancers are learning to respect their peers, and to appreciate everyone’s contribution to the energy in the room, whether it’s a physical room or a virtual one! 
  • Using eye contact and hand gestures. With masks in place, eye contact has become an integral part of making social-emotional connections. Psychology tells us that we relate better and form more meaningful conversations when we make eye contact with others, and it’s as true in dance as it is anywhere else! Our “conversations” may be more movement-based, but our moments of eye contact are equally necessary. Hand gestures, too, support those connections—almost like having a secret dance class language! Whether they realize it or not, our dancers are building empathy through these small efforts.
  •  Offering an outlet of creative expression. Managing emotions can be tough at any age, at any time, but for our kids during a pandemic, it can be extra difficult. Dance class has proven to be a beneficial place to channel stress, anxiety, or sadness—as well as joy and happiness! Instead of keeping their feelings bottled up, our dancers can express themselves through both technique and creative movement. Dance gives them a healthy way to let their emotions out, even—or especially—if they don’t feel like talking.

Social-emotional skills are an essential part of growing up, whether your child is four or fourteen. Dance has a way of helping all our dancers feel like they belong, and that they share a common bond with their peers. We’re proud that Studio 56 Dance Center can give them the chance to develop these skills in a safe, encouraging space.

2021 January Newsletter


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Happy New Year! 

Wishing you and your family the very best in 2021! As I was gathering my thoughts about what a ride this year has been, my first thought was to make a giant list of all we’ve endured and the many ways we’ve added value to our programs with every challenge thrown at us. Instead, I’d like to speak honestly straight from the heart…

This year has been the hardest year I have ever walked through as a leader. This year bent us, stretched us, and sometimes pinned us to the ground by the throat it seemed. But it did not break us. Instead, it did what all trials do:  It made us stronger and shine brighter.  After all, the same geologic pressure that makes dust also makes diamonds.

I truly feel like we have been able to shine in this time- a light in a darkness that gave our students and families hope in a tumultuous time.  And, although I never would’ve chosen the journey that 2020 took us on, neither would I trade it. Because THIS….this is what we were made for. Learning to solve problems and survive the challenges of life is what we prepare our students for. Helping others out is what we were made for as a community. 

Thank you to each of you for believing in us, I am EAGER to enter 2021 with you all. See you back next week!


PAJAMA SUCCESS! Thank you to everyone that participated in our annual pajama drive and Benefit Concert, what a success!!  All the participating studios did an amazing job of turning a few heads by collecting a total of 1701 pajamas and 1479 books…WOW!What a great experience we shared together.  We were able to donate to: Safe Harbor in Kaysville, Utah Foster Care Foundation from Ogden to Southern Utah, and Secretly Santas in Bountiful, UT. Great job! 

Congratulations to the following students for meeting the requirements to join our Service Society! Zoey Johnson, Stella Lum, Ruby VanDyke, Aspen Wagner, Aliyah Brunisholz, Sophia Brunisholz, Elexis Grass, Ruby Hurst, Olivia Jensen, Madison Kennedy, Lilly Moore, Emma Nelson, Jessi Nelson, Alyssa Oshiro, Alysia Shaffer, Aubrey Stillman, Lillie Swenson, Lillian VanDyke, Tahlula Warner, Dakota Olsen, Adilynn Short, Carina Brown, Marlie Castagno, Kalli Grayson, Hazel Sirois


Who has a kiddo that loves Frozen? Register to attend our Frozen Friends Camp and we will give you an elegantly wrapped box with an ice blue tutu and special invitation! Only a few spots left!

  • When: January 18th
  • Where: Studio 56 Dance Center, West Murray location
  • CLICK HERE to register
  • We’ll be following current Covid-19 guidelines for businesses and Safer Studio practices for this fun event


While we can’t stop the snow from falling, we can help our dancers beat the winter blues by warming them up with dance. The winter months are the best time to be attending dance lessons since seasonal depression kicks in and there is not as much outdoor time to be had. Dance lessons get you moving, laughing, and make you forget about those icicles outside for just a little while! If your dancer is struggling to push through and come to class, it’s worth the encouragement! If you can just get them in the door, they are going to have a great time and leave happier!


We are now accepting registration for Fall 2021 preschool!  The benefit to our preschool is that it INCLUDES our dance and tumbling classes!  Get it all done in one!  We offer it all and have the BEST TEACHERS around!  Space is limited! LEARN MORE


We would like to give a warm welcome to all the new faces.  It is open enrollment time.  Spots are going fast.  If you know of an aspiring dancer send them our way! Pick up a “Care Enough to Share” referral card in the waiting room and get $ off!! Help us spread the word about our amazing program!


When we welcome you into the studio next week, we’ll have a new check-in process. Each student will receive a membership card.  This card needs to be attached to the bag your child brings to class each week. Upon arrival to class or an event they will scan their card to check-in.  This enhanced system will improve our attendance tracking and leave more time for learning in class. If you forget your card, the office can help you sign in. Replacement cards are $5.


We are excited to continue our fun incentive to help our preschoolers master their SKIPS! When dancers pass off skipping at dance, they will be invited to earn their wings at a “Fairy and Prince Party!” on January 29th.  Start practicing skips at home so they can EARN YOUR WINGS!


Winter is here! Please carry your hip hop shoes into the studio and change into them before you enter the classroom.  You will be asked to dance with no shoes if you don’t have a dry pair! Thank you! 

If you haven’t had a chance to give us a positive review yet, we would love you take one minute to share with others why you love being part of our Studio 56 Dance Center Family. We really appreciate all your support! If you can’t give us a 5-Star rating, please email us your reason so that we can improve. We are continually striving to improve ourselves! Thanks in advance!


January Stretch of the Month- V sit hold  |  Strength Challenge- Hips

We are so excited this year to have a “stretch of the month” and a “strength challenge” in our acro/tumbling classes! Encourage your child to work on these skills at home to help them improve even faster!  Be more involved by printing off the at-home practice tracker HERE.


In January our theme is “I need a hero.”  Each class will be focused on heroes in our community.  This month we are focusing on:  moving hips from side to side, following directions, echappe, step touch with jump, angry face. We hope you can find time to review these elements with your dancer at home.  It is a great way to get EVERYONE moving!! 

STUDIO FACEBOOK GROUP: Join our studio Facebook group and be a part of our community HERE!  Stay up to date on current events and connect with us!

TEXT REMINDERS: We send text reminders to the first phone number listed on your account.  You can update this anytime in your parent portal.

THANK YOU! A BIG thank you from all our teachers for all the thoughtful Christmas gifts! As always, we want to thank you for your support and appreciate you trusting your children with us! We love working them and look forward to what 2021 has in store!  


    • 4th Classes Resume
    • 18th NO CLASSES- MLK
  • MAY
  • JUNE
    • 9th Tumble Exhibition
    • 18-19th Concert Day